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Mar 8, 2013 10:22 AM

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: favorite kitchen tool/gadgets

Do you have a few tools/gadgets that you use so often that you assume everyone else does too? Or did you acquire a tool that you love so much you wonder what you did without it? Maybe you use a common devise in an uncommon way?

I love my OXO tongs.
My metal bench scraper is used almost daily.
I threw out all but one of our grapefruit spoons because it's great for scooping out seeds and membranes of bell peppers and other fruits and veggies.
I love my taco shell holder, lined with paper towels to drain and shape pan fried shells and then to assemble tacos.
My squared off wooden spoons are probably the most used things in that drawer.

I actually feel affection for these humble items. Please share your kitchen favorites.

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  1. I too use my grapefruit spoons as you do! Pastry cutter is great for chopping hard-boiled eggs for salad.

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      Oh that's an awesome tip. I usually chop on flat surface and its messy. Woo hoo, thx!

      1. re: letsindulge

        I use my pastry cutter for breaking up ground beef while it is cooking. Works wonders. I also could not live without my dutch oven. It never gets put away.

      2. I use my regular old plastic scraper all the time. It makes clean-up much easier. I also love my immersion blender, the Microplane box grater (makes grating stuff sooooo much faster), and a big whisk in place of a sifter.

        And sharp knives!

        1. Micro plane grater.