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Mar 8, 2013 10:05 AM

Ricer Cooker concoctions?

Just got a rice cooker for the first time(it's very small) and I love it! So far I've just put in some basmati rice with butter and salt. I'm interested in seeing what other people put into their rice and the different kinds of rice they cook! Anything interesting or do you like to just add simply spices?

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  1. Haven't tried it myself but think you can make porridge (jook, congee, caldo). Just increase liquid (broth) 3, or 4x the rice depending on how loose you want it.

    1. I use it to steam my veggies while making rice.

      1. When I'm lazy, I put the veggies in with the rice. And add spices and/or chilli paste and/or coconut milk.

        I've also used my rice cooker to hold onto and keep hot my spaetzle - I have a very small kitchen with almost no space and it was the best way to not drive me up the wall. It worked great. :)

        When I've been in a pinch, ie our burners weren't working, I've also cooked pasta in the rice cooker.

        Rice cookers in this part of the world - South East Asia - can be the very simple variety or can get very complicated and be programmable. You can get rice cookers that you can program for slow cooking or doing soups or all sorts of things. I have a very basic model.

        Edited to add: I've also steamed buns and bread in it. My rice cooker came with a steaming basket.

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          My rice cooker can slow cook, steam, program, etc. It has a steamer basket but the holes are too big for some veggies and they fall through. So I just flatten out a coffee filter and lay it on the bottom of the basket and then add my veggies (especially things like peas or corn). The filter works great.

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            My next rice cooker will be one of those. :)

        2. You can put spices or sauces in when you start cooking your rice so that the flavor is absorbed by the rice. I like to do that with teriyaki sauce or cumin. I'm sure there's a lot more you could do it with, like tomato paste for spanish rice. It's a fun tool, enjoy!

          1. In addition to all sorts of rice dishes (with various seasonings, veggies, proteins), I have also used my rice cooker to make polenta. Good results, no stirring.

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              And no volcanic showers of partially cooked corn meal.