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Mar 8, 2013 09:59 AM

Near Sleepy Hollow High School

Will be at Sleepy Hollow HS tomorrow and need somewhere for 5 of us to have an early dinner 5pm-ish.

Is there anywhere within walking distance?



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  1. If you like Greek food, Santorini Greek Restaurant and Lefteris are close by. Tyrynda Thai has great pad thai. Horsefeathers has decent pub fare, but it's a little dark inside the restaurant.

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      1. re: doberlady

        While I second Santorini, I don't know if it's really walking distance from the high school--and parking is tough near it.

        There is a Japanese place right across the street and slightly north of the high school. We loved it in its last incarnation, as Sushi Raku. The name is changed, but perhaps someone else can report on it.

        1. re: Elisa515

          The Japanese place is called Wasabi, and across the street and just north of Sleepy Hollow HS (just drove past it tonight, in an odd coincidence).

      2. re: applesauce23

        Has anyone been to Santorini lately? Haven't seen any posts about it recently. I ate there when they first opened nad really enjoyed it but there were some later reports saying that it had gone downhill. There was a Mexican place across the street that was on some discount program and we ate at a couple of times but we haven't been there in a while, either. And I seem to recall some ethnic buffet place down the block that had been written about here that I never got to try.

        1. re: MisterBill2

          I went to Santorini recently after not going for quite a while. I think that the quality of the food isn't quite as good as what they were turning out around the time of the NYT review. The service is also not great. But what we had-- soup and greek salad for me, hummus and pita, and a moussaka platter for my friend-- was good and it's reasonably priced. Not a destination as it was when it opened.

          If I want Greek food, I'm more likely to go to MP now, which is a nicer atmosphere and better quality food, with a price point that's surprisingly reasonable.

          As for Que Chula es Puebla, we never returned after a few really ridiculously long waits for food. Between that and the new-ish place on Route 9 in Ossining, I'm not really impressed with our Mexican choices in the immediate area. (I'm in Ossining.)

      3. I'd go to Horsefeathers... a VERY short drive

        1. The whole fresh fish dishes at Lefteris are excellent, and a bargain (all under $20). Prepared well. Best thing on the menu there. (I favor the Cod)

          1. Where did you end up going? (And how did the kids do at the Science Fair?)

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            1. re: Elisa515

              So the fair was intense! My daughter who has been working on a 2 year science research project on rabies in Westchester County did not win :( She won 1st place last year so she was so disappointed.

              Can't be a winner all the time so at 16 she will have to adjust.

              Had dinner at Horsefeathers. Won't be going back. Was so dark we all needed flashlight apps from our iPhones, no draft beer???????

              Had wings that were good but they were like fried chicken wings rather then "hot wings". Coated in breading?

              I also had a bacon cheese burger that was just ok. I do not like potato wedges so I can't say they were bad as I do not like them so no fault of theirs.

              Beer was slightly colder then room temp and I hate to be served on pewter platters with handles unless I am in Williamsburg VA.

              Wish we would have gone greek but Leftaris was MOBBED. Actually the whole town was mobbed due to the beautiful weather.

              I have lived in Westchester my whole life and I have never driven through Sleepy Hollow. Cute town. Would like to go back in the sping/summer and walk around.

              1. re: doberlady

                We were in Dobbs Ferry at a different tournament, with some families at yours also. Crazy day!

                When you do return to Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown for walking around, check out Santa Fe (around the corner from Lefteris) and wander down to Santorini and the Mexican place across the street. Beekman also looks like a real CH kinda street.

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