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Mar 8, 2013 09:22 AM

Message Index on iPhone

As of this morning after the screen promoting the "recommend" button popped up, using the "back" or "forward" arrow to return to the message index goes to an old version of the page, not what was just refreshed and viewed. And the old version of the page is not one that I have viewed on iPhone but an older one from a point in time yesterday that I was not using my phone to read the board and could not have saved it anywhere. I have tried logging out and back in, closing and reopening the browser, and resetting my phone, and it persists. Screen shots of the version of the Cheese board and SF Bay Area board that continue to display on navigating back and forward even after viewing refreshed versions of those boards are uploaded.

ETA: My screenshot as of less than an hour ago shows the Corned Beef thread on the SFBA board with 30 posts as of 9 hours ago. The current status is 31 posts as of 1 day ago.

ETA: The other difference between the old version and current is that there are no ads on the top of the page on the old versions.

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  1. Still having the problem with the SF and Cheese boards. But checking Los Angeles now, this does not happen. Thinking it might be an issue only with my saved boards (LA is not a saved board), I also tried the France board (one of my saved boards along with SF and Cheese). While navigating will bring me back to the view of the most recently refreshed message index, the screen passes momentarily through a view that has the thread at the top of the index that I most recently viewed (but with fewer replies and a shorter time since the last post) before it resolves completely on the updated index.

    1. Hi Melanie.

      No one else has reported this issue, and we're unable to reproduce it on our end, but please let us know if it persists and we'll try to track it down.

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      1. re: DeborahL

        It definitely persists for SF Bay Area and Cheese boards, as you can see from the identical listings on the cheese board taken a few minutes ago. This one does have an ad banner unlike before.

        I've checked Site Talk and California boards, and this problem does not exist there. I'll mention that it is likely that the SF and Cheese windows were open on my phone at the time that the "recommend" message popped up, if they're some how related. This same phenomenon happened a few months ago and was reported then, I believe, of older static views of the message indices cropping up.

        In case it's on my end, any suggestions on other things I can try to do to clear out my phone besides what I mentioned in my original post?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          You could clear your browser cache ( ) but it would be very unusual if that proved to solve the problem. That said, what you're experiencing is rather unusual in its own right, so it's worth a shot.

          1. re: Engineering

            Thank you, that did the trick. Those old versions have gone away! I've only cleared Safari on my phone once, like three years ago, and forgot about the process. This worked though I have no idea why. And the "recommend" screen popped up again.

            The other thing that might have tipped me that something was wrong on the browser level is that the icon on the bottom right of the screen that shows the window numbers has been blank for a couple days instead of displaying a number in the middle for each page. Maybe in the future, if it goes blank again, I'll remember to clear out the browser before I have a problem.

            Again, thanks!

      2. The phenomenon does not appear to be a one-time thing related to an overloaded browser cache. It returns as soon as I log in again. Here's more info to help you track down the problem.

        The "clear" commands I have under the Settings menu for Safari are "Clear History" and "Clear Cookies and Data" buttons, a little different from the linked instructions provided. Clearing History alone doesn't take care of the issue. Clearing Cookies and Data does get rid of the old static views.

        After clearing the browser, I opened just one window, my profile page and then logged in. Shortly after, the "recommend" window popped up. Then when I navigated back to my profile, this old view of the unlogged-in version in the screenshot is what displays rather than the most recently refreshed view.

        Later I cleared the cookies and data again, and started off on a page that I do not use for navigation, Not About Food, with just one window open. The middle image shows the starting page before I logged in with a date stamp of 6:43pm. After navigating away and then using the back button to return to the NAF page, the next screen shot with a date stamp of 6:55pm shows the same threads at the top and in fact, they've lost a minute on the last reply times.

        From this static view of NAF, when I select the red drawer, instead of my name, it shows "Log In" even though I am logged in. Then when I click on "Log In", it refreshes the NAF page to show the updated view! However, when I open a thread page, then use the back button, I'm returned to the static view.

        So, I suppose I could always be careful to start off on a page that I will not use for navigation, such as NAF, as a work-around. But I thought you'd want to know that the bug is still there.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Apologies for the inconsistent information at that link, it may have been describing an older version of iOS. I believe that "cookies and data" now encompasses the browser cache.

          To be certain I understand your problem correctly, is this the progression you're seeing?
          - Visit some page (let's call it the "original page")
          - Log in, get sent back to the original page
          - Original page correctly behaves as though you were logged in (your name appears in the pop-out menu and discussions you have read are grayed out)
          - Click on some discussion page
          - Use the "back" button to return to original page
          - Everything on Site Talk now appears as it would if you were logged out

          1. re: Engineering

            A few more observations in this progression:

            - Clear cookies and data
            - Visit some page (let's call it the "original page")
            - Log in, get sent back to the original page
            - Original page correctly behaves as though you were logged in (your name appears in the pop-out menu and discussions you have read are grayed out)
            - "Recommend button" window pops up
            - Click on some discussion page
            - Use the "back" button to return to original page
            - Everything on original page now appears as it would if you were logged out and is frozen in the thread order and number of replies to those threads that matches the point of log-in

            For the last point, I just refreshed Not About Food on my phone and it updates to current. Then I navigate to another page, hit the back button and Not About Food shows exactly that same as those two screen shots I took two days ago with "Kitchen War Injuries" at the top with 90 replies. Currently that thread has 97 replies.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              The behavior you're describing is extremely unusual. Given the progression you describe there shouldn't be any way for you to view a logged-out version of the original page with a single press of the back button. Since you are, it suggests that there's some really aggressive caching happening on your device that we've been unable to reproduce in testing. Why that would be the case is not immediately clear- possibly culprits are disparate iOS versions, 3rd party apps, else something else entirely. We'll let you know if we come across anything else on our end. Until then, one possible workaround would be to use the category page links that appear at the top and bottom of each discussion instead of hitting the back button- with any luck, that should reload the cached page for you in a single step.

              Our apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience thus far.

              1. re: Engineering

                Thanks for looking into this. Only one page is cached, the window that's open when I log in and the "recommend" promo window pops up.

                Using the links at the top and bottom of a thread refreshes the index page, and I prefer to return to the same point rather than refreshing each time I view the index. Right now the work around of using the Not About Food index as the cached static one works since I don't read that page and would not be navigating through there.

                1. re: Engineering

                  I hope there's a plan for doing away with the "recommend" pop up window in due time. It will be interesting to see if this problem goes away at the same time and does not return when I delete its cookies/cache.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    When I read Deborah's post that the recommend pop up had been 86'd, I cleared cookies/cache on my phone's Safari browser to see what would happen. Same problem again, different original page frozen in time.

          2. I'm experiencing this using Safari on my iPod touch. In my case, I was already logged in and I've only been presented with the Recommend pop-up once, a couple of days ago. Otherwise I'm having a similar experience as Melanie: From the index of a board, I'll open a thread and when I use the back arrow, I'm returned to an old version of the board index, something that looks to be from days ago. I'm not too fussed by it, but wanted to note that the situation isn't unique.

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            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              Just to confirm Caitlin....on your ipod touch, have you logged out completely and then logged back in and are still experiencing this problem?

              Dave MP

              1. re: Dave MP

                Yes, the behavior persists after I log out and log back in.

              2. re: Caitlin McGrath

                The "recommend" pop up window only returns because I throw away the cookies and cache that says it has already notified me before and this step also logs me out of the site.

              3. I wanted to mention that this glitch has been resolved for me when I use the back button to return to a board index, but it persists when I use the back button to return to my profile. In that case I'm still seeing a days-old view of the page when I use the back button.

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                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                  I am stuck on the Chowhound main page. I tried logging out from another page, then logging back in. But the Chowhound main page is still frozen in time when I use the back button after refreshing it and navigating away.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I'm not having any problem with the main page updating when I use the back button, but now, a week after my May 13 post above, when I use the back button to return to my profile, the frozen page is exactly the same view as it was then.