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Mar 8, 2013 08:48 AM

breakfast/dinner in fort lauderdale

Hi I am going to Fort Lauderdale for 5 days at the end of march and am looking for recommendations for food experiences, especially breakfast and dinner ideas, but any stores, take-out places, bakeries, etc. Am open to most types of food. I Iwill have a car, but would like to stay within 15-20 miles of Gault tower area. Thanks for the help

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  1. It would help if we knew more about what you were looking for regarding food, price range, ambiance, etc.

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      ok, neither one of us drinks, and we don't like sushi, but almost anything else goes as for as food type. especially looking for seafood, bbq, southern-style breakfast ( biscuits, gravy, grits, etc.) farm-to-table, burgers, my husband like a view ( water or garden), but not necessary, stone crab claws, etc. Pretty much open to just about any style. Price - would not want to spend more than $75 per person on a splurge, but also lower for most meals. Also curious about any Haitian/Carribean/Jamaican. Also like good sea food market, farm market, bakery, etc. Will have access to kitchen and grill area. Thanks

    2. SEA is a delightful food experience, or at least it was for me. Small place, very talented chef, a bit of a splurge price-wise, but well worth it. My total bill for three courses was $53 out the door (tax and tip included there, but I didn't order any beverages), and what a great meal it was, as two of the three courses (the appetizer and the dessert) were solid home runs, and the main was a hustling double.

      Service was quite good, and plate presentation definitely counts here. It's pretty casual, dress-wise, too. Recommended.

      1. Tom Jenkins for Barbecue, Croissan'Time French Bakery for self-serve eat in bkfast/lunch or take-out...Wonderful patries, croissants as in Paris and crusty baguettes. No southern-style around here, but excellent breakfast/brunch on Saturday and Sunday at Coconuts on the water. Gilberts on 17th St. has excellent burgers in a very casual atmosphere. Also excellent burgers at Rok Burger on Himmarshee St. Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfaast House, also on Himmarshee, has excellent breakfasts...Try their oven pancake! For a farmers market, there is Marando Farms, just off Andrews Avenue and Davie Blvd. You also might enjoy DBA Cafe on Federal Hwy for creative dinner.

        1. LiveRock was raving about the Chimney House recently. I have not been but it's on my list...

          "We are a Latin American Grill & Cafe in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, just west of the Broward Center for Performing Arts... Our menu showcases some of the best dishes of South America and Spain".

          1. Also visiting, got breakfast today from Diner by the Sea, on Commercial near A!A - not only was the food fresh, properly cooked and delicious, potato pancakes were top of the list for fantastic! When I went to pick it up, I was prepared to pay with a CC, which they didn't take. The waitress behind the counter said, "It's okay, come back and pay later. Go eat the food while it's hot and when you're finished you can come back and pay." Well, needless to say of course I went back to pay - but how often and when does something like this happen in 2013? They were more concerned that I eat my food while it was at it's best than they were with me leaving to get money and then having my food sit longer. We will definitely go back!

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              Sounds like it's worth a stop next week when I'm there, as I'm staying over by the turnpike off West Commercial and have meetings in late morning off Commerical east of I-95. Beats the hotel "breakfast".

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                Diner-By The Sea was a great choice for breakfast. Place was packed at 7AM on a Friday morning. But then it only takes about 20 people to fill it up. Service was friendlyand fast. Pancakes were almost crepe-like. Good eggs cooked in butter. Great homefries.