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Mar 8, 2013 08:08 AM


First a quick background. I've been trying to drop a few pounds. I'm not obese, but at 52 I've managed to Chowhound my way to a bit of...shall we say..."excess" around the middle.

Anyway, yesterday was a new low weight for me and when my buddy drove us to Cliff's Hamburgers on Fountainview, I decided to have something lighter than my usual Patty Melt and what are surely some of the best fries in the city.

Before I go on, let me make two more quick points. First, we have been eating at Cliff's for ... I don't know...twenty years or so. It's just a couple of miles from the office. BUT, since we've gotten older we've started eating more salads and less Patty Melts so we've only been there maybe once or twice a year for the last three or four years at least. You know how it is.

Second, There's a short order cook there named Primo, who's been there that long at least. His signature chili is on the menu as "Primo's Chili". He always smiles and waves at me and I have the utmost respect for that guy. Helluva cook.

He wasn't there yesterday and I want that to be perfectly clear. For all I know, he's retired, but in any case this is NOT on Primo.

I ordered a BLT.

You know, I'm thinking maybe four strips of bacon on toast with a slice of tomato and some lettuce. They do breakfast so, I mean, it seemed like a safe choice.


What I got was a wad of obviously precooked bacon on a stale hamburger bun. Yeah, the lettuce and tomato were there but they could not save that abomination of a sandwich.

My buddy's Caesar Salad was equally "Meh".

I don't think I'll ever darken that door again. And it's too bad, because that was a great Patty Melt, but ...


Oh and by the way, last weekend when we went to Lopez, my mom's friend asked me if I was going to write about it. She doesn't read Chowhound, but my mom told her I do online reviews sometimes. I told her "Sure", and she asked if I was going to give it a good review.

My brother, (known to you as "OtherBrotherDarrell"), chimed in that I never give bad reviews. While that's not technically true, (I've panned a couple of bbq joints at least), I did start on here specifically to tell you guys about my favorite places, and I have maintained that theme, I think.

OBD, this one's for you.

So, how about it?

Do you have a favorite (HOUSTON!) restaurant that serves something awful, or even SO awful that it turned you off of it forever?

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  1. I do write bad reviews here and I appreciate it when others do. I have limited money growing on the tree out back and I like to use it wisely. I'm so happy you like patty melts. I just discovered them a couple of years ago and feel all behind in consumption of them. In fact, I wasn't able to eat yesterday much due to some dental work so I stopped for one this morning at IHOP since I was starving! Breakfast of champs! Too bad I'm hearing about a stellar version at Cliff's a little too late. But clocking in at approximately the same age, I too limit my patty melts/fried chicken/burgers and try to stick with fish and vegetables as much as possible. Not that it seems to help my waistline much.

    I take it personally when an establishment serves bad food. It's not rocket science to make a BLT. They know they served you shite. And they didn't care. That sort of attitude makes me furious and I'll talk down a place all day long that treats people that way while pocketing their money. To me it's tantamount to theft. Maybe that's a little strong, but see, I'm sensitive to it. Same way with my dentist, doctor, tax preparer and any other service oriented business. I expect to get what is advertised and what I pay for. I maintain the same level of service in my business and expect no less from others.

    Thusly, when I have a particularly bad experience, I will invariably post it here, not just with "it's a terrible place," but detailing what I ordered and why it was bad as you did here, because that is only fair, as I did most recently with Beavers.

    The other one that comes to mind is the Eldridge location of Pecan Creek Grille, which served us a stone cold and otherwise awful breakfast once (and last). Since it is a sister of the venerated Buffalo Grille, I assumed it was having a wickedly bad day so didn't comment at the time, but I've never gone back and never will. I just can't revisit a place that sends out food like that. It's a "you are dead to me" thing. Whatever. I'm pretty nice otherwise. :)