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Mar 8, 2013 06:34 AM

Newest trend, bizarre flavored Potato chips. Why mess with a good thing?

I have started to see some new and quite bizarre flavors of chips in the grocery store lately, including "Chicken and Waffles" and "Cheeseburger"
I have to start by asking myself, WHY? WHat is so wrong with the perfection that is a lightly salted deep fried sliver of a spud? I love potato chips, and admit they are a vice of mine, but I have to say, I cannot stand these new trends in flavor. Give me a bag of kettle cooked lightly salted crisps and I am in junk food heaven (especially with a good glass of red wine while perusing the internet) Has anyone else seen or tried these abominations? I tried a cheeseburger Pringle and a Chicken and Waffle Lays, and I have to say both were disgusting. The Pringles tasted like overly salted chemical tasting dried out crusts of what might be a cheeseburger to the palate of a toddler or drunken college student, but to me it was just horrible, and one taste was enough to leave me unwilling to eat a cheeseburger for a while. The Lays tasted like a salted maple syrup chip, no hint of chicken in these chips. Has anyone else dared to try some of the more off putting and bizarre flavors?

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  1. But where do we draw the "bizarre" line? I have not tried the Chicken and Waffle or Cheeseburger stuff, but I love the Utz Crab Chips, and the Zapp's Cajun Crawtators. Is that too bizarre?

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        There, you see? Bizarre is very subjective.

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        Oh -- I get a bag of UTZ Crab and a bag of UTZ Salt 'n' Vinegar.

        And combine them.

        The sum is greater than its parts.

        I also have a HUUUUGE 10L/42C Tupperware Mega Thatsa Bowl . For causal sports parties, I'll mix 2 bags crab, 2 bags S'n'V, and 1 bag Hot.

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          Just making it clear that Utz crab chips don't contain crab. They do contain the seasoning mix used to flavor crabs when steaming them, a mix that can be purchased as Old Bay.

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            Holy eff! I was just in PA, if I knew there were CRAB UTZ I would have bought several bags! The more you know.....

        2. Well, I think they have had funky flavors overseas for a long time already. And probably want to compete with Doritos and Pringles. We've had sour cream & onion, barbecue, cheddar, etc. for awhile.

          1. Snyder's of Hanover has had unusual flavors for decades, so it's far from a new development. Why are the bigger names doing it? Shelf space. The more shelf space they can grab, the more likely you'll buy their offerings.

            1. I was underwhelmed by Lay's Sriracha and the Cheesy Garlic Bread chips. Much rather have plain potato chips or, my favorite, salt and vinegar (represent!).

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              1. The vast majority of flavored chips suck, but some of them actually sound good, so I try them. Once, anyway. My most recent foray into this area was Herr's Loaded Baked Potato Chips. The first chip is delish. Really does taste like a baked pertata. But from there it is quickly downhill. Your tastebuds no longer taste anything remotely similar to a baked spud, but rather a blizzard of salt.

                Most flavored potato chips are like that. Much better in theory than reality.

                The exceptions are crab chips, some salt and vineagar chips, some sour cream and onion chips, and the occasional BBQ chip. Poore Brothers Habanero chips absolutely rock, as do their Steak and Onion chips, which are now extinct. In general, though, I think it's definitely best to stick with plain ol' pertata chips.