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Mar 8, 2013 06:08 AM

Gluten-free, kid-friendly, and inexpensive

My sister-in-law and family will be visiting this summer. Between our two families, we will have six kids, ages 2 months to 6 years. One of the four adults is gluten-intolerant.

Any recommendations for kid-friendly, inexpensive places, that have some gluten free options? We live in the Como Park/State Fair area of St Paul.

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  1. Palumbo's on Snelling offers French Meadows gf-crust as an alternative and is pretty affordable and kid friendly. Not the world's best pizza, but pretty decent for the price and setting.


    1. Also, Pizza Luce on Selby
      Brasa on Grand Ave.
      Trotters Cafe on Marshall
      Cheeky Monkey on Selby
      Ngon Bistro on University Ave
      Perhaps the New French Meadow on Grand Ave when it opens?

      Note, I do not follow a gluten-free diet, so I cannot vouch for any of these personally in terms of how strictly they adhere to GF requirements. These are just places where I've seen it on the menu that I know are kid-friendly and affordable.


      1. Ok, first of all, there are tons of good options in the area! Gluten Free is like the new "it" thing around here or something, all the cool kids are doing it. Which is awesome! My son has been eating gluten (and dairy) free for like almost 12 years now. Woah. That made me feel old.

        I am going to start by sharing the most helpful thing I have found recently. There is this sweet phone app that I found in google's play store. It uses your phones signal to show you what restaurants are nearby that have gluten free options,and best of all, includes detailed info (do they have it marked on the menus, reviews that are helpful, info on if they were trained/certified by certain organizations like the GiG (gluten intolerance group), etc. The app is FREE and its called Find Me Gluten Free. I would assume that you can get it for iOS as well as Android. This is great, because it will work no matter where you are!

        My top GF options in the area

        Pizza Luce - not super inexpensive but not super spendy either. They have options beyond pizza too. Plus they are family friendly and have good food.

        Big Bowl. They do a nice job with the GF, the manager brings the GF stuff right to the table, etc. Once again, not super inexpensive, but not fancy or anything. GF isn't ever inexpensive, imho. There is a location in Rosedale.

        Tons of places in uptown have options. Off the top of my head: French Meadow, Common Roots, Amazing Thai, Chino Latino, World Street Kitchen,Ecopolitan. If in doubt, go Asian. Even Quang lists what is GF on their menu now. For real. I haven't set foot in an asian place that didn't have GF soy sauce available in a while now.

        Chipotle. Almost everything on the menu, minus the burrito wraps is GF. They also have a corn softshell option for the tacos, though if you are worried about cross-contamination you might just want to get a bowl or hard tacos.

        Brasa - Once again, almost everything is GF. And Awesome. There is one on Grand Ave.

        Crave. I personally don't care for the place, but they have options.

        I quick typed a search into Find me GF (using Falcon Heights as the location) Here's what I found near you - I cannot personally speak to the quality, or amounts of options.

        Outback Steakhouse
        Good Earth
        Colossal Cafe (awesome! I've heard good things, didn't realize they have a GF menu)
        Romano's Macaroni Grill
        Z pizza - (I have seen this place, its right next to the Roseville Byerlys - Never been in)
        Foxy Falafel
        Birchwood Cafe

        Hopefully this helps! If your peeps are here during the fair, there is a group in the KARE11 health building that hands out a list of the GF foods at the fair!