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Mar 7, 2013 10:54 PM

DIY Cornmeal from Popcorn Kernels

Interesting article at Serious Eats about grinding unpopped popcorn kernels to make fresh cornmeal and a cornbread recipe using the freshly ground cornmeal. A Vitamix blender is used. A 32oz bag of popcorn makes 5 1/2 cups of cornmeal.

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  1. To shatter corn even better freeze it before. I grind grains for bread with an older SS vitamix. Sift out larger pieces then grind them again. Last grind of sifted out larger pieces is in device #2, a kitchen aid coffee/spice mill

    The common large size kitchen strainer (device #3) is your friend for sifting

    1. Here's a blog post about a fella who recently grew corn so he could make his own cornmeal to cook polenta. Mr. Meatball... (isn't/wasn't he a CH poster?)

      1. This intrigues me, and I happen to have a VitaMix. I might need to try this. If I do I will report back.

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