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Mar 7, 2013 08:06 PM

Vegetarian in New Orleans

Hi, first time poster here. My husband and I are heading to New Orleans next week for five nights and looking for great places to eat.

We're both vegetarians but don't necessarily want to end up in strictly vegetarian restaurants. Also, he's not a drinker and I'm pregnant, so cocktails, wine pairings and the like are irrelevant to us on this trip. We're staying in the Marigny but we will have a car. We're particularly interested in places with local flavor and atmosphere.

I've found the boards here really helpful so far and put together a list of top choices. I do wonder if we're missing a big classic, like Commander's Palace or Galatoire's. We had hoped to do the Saturday jazz brunch at Commander's (we won't be in town on Sunday) but they're booked. The woman answering the phone said there's no wait list but suggested calling first thing Sat. morning in case they have cancelations. Has anyone had success doing that?

Here are our top picks. We won't get to all of them, but I'd love some input on which shouldn't be missed and whether there are any we should add.

Breakfast (included in our room rate, but some other options...) -- Cafe du Monde, Camellia Grill, Cake Cafe and Bakery

Lunch -- Gumbo Shop, Napoleon House or Central Grocery, Mahoney's, maybe Commander's Palace

Dinner -- Gautreau's, Boucherie, R'evolution, Arnauds, Muriel's, Coquette

Saturday brunch -- EAT or Commander's Palace


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  1. Mona Cafe on Frenchman Street would probably be a good choice!

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    1. Cafe Reconcile will reopen on the 15th, and it has typical NOLA cuisine...you can have a portabella mushroom poboy, plus a bunch of veggie sides. Other spots to consider are Carmo and Domenica (roasted cauliflower, fried kale, nice meatless pastas).

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        HC, I am so excited to try Cafe Reconcile, again, and my companion is "fairly" veggie so this is great advice for my upcoming trip - who would have thought of portobella poboy!

        I love Domenia's Covey Green salad but it does have the prosciotto on it -- I guess that doesn't count! It is my "go to" healthy salad when in CBD/Quarter, so good to know about all their great sides, as per above.

        OP - so glad you loved Boucherie, Coquette and EAT Nola, some of my favorites. It helps to prove that contemporary places that do food well, also do vegetarian options well.

      2. At Italian Barrel, we saw Porcini & Truffle Ravioli, Fire Roasted Ravioli, Pumpkin Ravioli, Gnocchi, and other vegetarian friendly dishes.

        1. One of (if not "the") best in NOLA; Restaurant August offers a vegetarian tasting menu.

          1. If you are vegetarians, Central Grocery seems decidedly like a place you don't want to visit. What about Satsuma or Bennachin or Domenica.