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Mar 7, 2013 07:16 PM

The Return of the Brain Sandwiches in the Lou. [STL]

The best thing about this? It seems to horrify the hipsters...

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  1. I love your thread title. :)

    1. Not my thing, but if you go and your friends don't want to join you, they can eat the great barbecue across the street at Bogart's while you're stuffing your face with faces.

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        In all honesty, the last time I had brains was probably in 19...79? (oh, that is SO depressing) at the urging of the Captain of the First District Police Station...Ed Harper. Great guy. He used to take a bunch of we Police Explorer Scouts down to a tavern on South Broadway and buy us dinner. And then, as we were all tucking into our cheeseburgers, he would cut off a piece of his brain sandwich, turn to the kid on his left, and say, "Try this." I think he lived for the reaction. To our credit, I don't think anyone ever refused...and they were tasty once you got over the fact that they were, you know, BRAINS. But it was a beloved ritual, and never failed to freak out the newest kid in the troop.

        1. re: tonifi

          1st District Police Station - is that what is now Mad Art Gallery and Capitalist Pig BBQ? funny I was at the open gallery "kick-off" there a few years ago and my friend Dane was reminiscing about a particular familiar cell he had the opportunity to occupy one night in his youth.

          was the other brain place off S. B'Way Fergusons? them ya have to call ahead a day or two. those IIRC are calf, not pork (mad cow be damned)

          some day I DO want to go with friends and split one, just to see what the taste/texture is.

          1. re: hill food

            Mad Art is in what was 3rd district and 1st district was over across from Carondelet Park right by Highway 55. Funny, I was at Mad Art at a trivia night recently and an older gentleman was reminiscing about the holding cell he spent so much time in back in the day. I don't remember the name of the bar...the front wall of windows was right on the sidewalk, it was a long, low building...I could point to it, but have no idea what it was called in the 70s. Ah, were a county kid, no? (Your cops were MUCH less likely to lock you in your own trunk for being a smart-aleck). I remember the brain sandwich experience as being much more about texture than taste. The taste was really not assertive, the texture was as if you had battered & fried a patty of scrambled eggs. It looked like a chicken-fried-steak on a bun, but tasted more like rather meaty eggs. And salt. And fryer grease. I seem to recall pickle slices.
            So, I wasn't able to get to Soulard for the brain sliders this Saturday (car was a gotta), any fellow 'hounds get the chance to try them?

            1. re: tonifi

              yes, North County, McCluer (and NOT McCluer North, but rather the original) and WE put each other in trunks, not the cops. I kid, worst I ever got was a speeding ticket.

              I dunno what that tavern looks like, I called them before going to lunch and got the bad news that they're kept frozen so went elsewhere. I tried making them once in college, but had no idea you had to remove the membrane or what a bound batter meant. good lord that was foul. and me trotting home from the grocery store so proud with my bucket o' brains... (I did a lot of cooking those days in exchange that my housemates would actually clean something for once)

              next time I'm in town maybe I'll get in touch, seems like most of my friends have all gone pescetarian or further.

              1. re: hill food

                Fish Brain McBites.
                My new idea to become a millionaire. :)

                1. re: bbqboy

                  oh the Kroc's estate will be all down your throat (or up your ass) call them mbBytes instead (and how many mbB/s can you manage?). gives a different 'techie' connotation. sounds cleaner and healthier.

                  besides, fish brains (sturgeon? paddlefish?) are reserved for spreading on a small crouton anyway. ya big silly.

                2. re: hill food

                  If you guys go, I'd be tempted to cross the river to crash the party! I'm not sure I have ANY friends brave enough.

                    1. re: hill food

                      I might have to draw the line at fish brains. I don't even like sushi much.
                      Pescetarian? Or WORSE? God forbid. Seems like most of my friends have gone from vegan to 'I-only-eat-small-producer-organic-meat' to 'gimmme-a-rare-cheeseburger-with-bacon-on-it'. I try not to take ALL the credit for their conversions.
                      If we get that lunch I'll regale you with the tale of the steak & kidney pie I once made.

        2. Oh, my. How did I miss this?

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          1. re: lemons

            no fears, this train hasn't left the station yet.