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Best Italian in St louis

From dallas and heading to St Louis next weekend. I have heard that St Louis has great Italian, but have yet to find any on prior trips (besides the toasted ravioli which is delicious). Any recommendations for a budget friendly Italian restaurant that serves the kind of Italian food that is so good you want to take pictures of it? Preferably fresh homemade pasta and not the standard tourist trap type places, please. We will be traveling with a well-behaved three year old so kid-friendly places are preferable. Doesn't' have to be on the Hill. We are staying near the airport but are willing to drive for good food.

Thanks so much!

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  1. You might want to check out Stellina Pasta, It's pretty close to the Hill. http://www.stellinapasta.com/

    Also a lot of people like Trattoria Marcella

    One of my favs is Acero.

    Hope you enjoy your trip!

    1. I second the recommendation for Acero.

      Also look into Pastaria in Clayton.

      1. Onesto and Mad Tomato are both good and run by the same guy.

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          They are no longer run by the same fellow; his ex-wife has Onesto, I believe.

          And Pastaria is quite kid-friendly, for its fancy address and pedigree; the highly-awarded chef wanted it that way.

        2. Lombardo's, good food ,good service, moderate prices,owners always in the house.

          Right across Hwy i70 from the airport.


          1. Thanks for,all of the suggestions! I will check them out!

            1. Okay, so we are going to try Stellina as it looks the most kid-friendly. Here is my follow up question - looking for a different restaurant that serves the typical toasted ravioli with maybe a tasty salad option. Any suggestions?

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                pretty much ANY restaurant in STL serves toasted ravioli...

                the Hill is great, but remember it's mostly old-school 'red-sauce' type places. if weather is nice the patio and bocce court at Milo's is nice and has pretty darn good pizza.

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                  Pastaria is a can't miss. No tRavs. They went to Italy and totally emulate Italy. Simple and delicious. Pizzas that are out of site.


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                    What FotD said. Pastaria's food is terrific and the place is definitely kid-friendly, if a little loud. No reservations here. Try the kale salad and the pistachio ravioli.

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                      Yeah that Pistachio rav is awesome.

                      Love their bread and olive oil too. I could drink that stuff...

                2. I don't know about the salad part but my 9 year old swears by the T ravs at Cafe Manhattan in Clayton.