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Mar 7, 2013 05:34 PM

I would cook more if…

How would you complete this sentence? Personally, I’d cook more if I didn’t have to prep or clean up. So time-consuming! I often cook in bulk for canning and freezing and that means a lot of extra time for prep and clean-up.

Also I’d cook more if there weren’t lingering odors for certain dishes. Been wanting to make French onion soup but hate the thought that the house will reek for days. In warmer weather I can open doors and windows but that won’t work in the winter.

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  1. I'd cook more if I had more time. My work and commute time cuts into the cooking time, sadly.

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      2nd more time, and also if I had more money. Being on a tight budget means making large batches of cost-effective foods that I know I can make and know will be eaten. If I could afford some more splurgy products and could afford to throw something away if I botched a new, complicated recipe, I'd definitely cook more.

    2. I would cook more if I didn't have a job. I love the weekends - I devote much of my time to cooking and it's a lovely break from the hectic work week for me. I love the entire process. It usually starts off with a cup of coffee as I stroll the store, get home with the new goodies, then I am known to research not only ingredients but cooking methods and cooking science quite extensively. I even love the prep, I could do without the clean up though. It's such a big passion of mine and a pretty time-consuming hobby when I devote the energy that I would like to it. I find that the energy invested usually turns out a great product and is great to improve dishes I've already made. Even the blunders that don't turn out as hoped are fun in retrospect. That being said, I also have times when I'm not interested in a log prep session but during the week I cook nearly every meal as I just find the food more satisfying although cooking can include throwing a salad together or some sauteed grown beef and veggies but I love the process and the results. So, I guess I would cork more how I like to cook on the weekends during the weekdays if I didn't have a lovely 14-16 hour job.

      1. I would cook more if I didn't have a deep freezer. When it gets full we start eating it down. I don't know how I ever used to work 50 hours a week, commute an hour/hour and 1/2 each way, then cook every night- back when we only had a fridge with the little freezer on top.

        I proudly say that I do not do dishes. Even though I no longer work.

        1. I would cook more if it wasn't so easy to eat out. We tend to eat out when we have tired ourselves out with yard work, or have been so busy we simply want to sit and be served.

          And then there are times when the pantry seems awfully bare.

          But, I am trying to cook more and better meals because I think my home cooking is healthier than what I find "out."

          1. More time for me as well. Also hate kitchen odors especially anything burnt and fried fish.