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Mar 7, 2013 05:06 PM

Bradley Airport lunch?

I have to pick my son up from a trip at Bradley in CT. May need to stop for lunch first. Is there anything en route that's worthwhile?

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  1. I'll suggest in Hartford but it depends on where where you are coming from and what kind of food you're looking for- hot dogs or foie gras ?

    1. Not sure where you are coming from or when, but The Nutmeg Restaurant ( isn't too bad. It does seem they are more banquet focused now, but last time I stopped by the food wasn't bad (nothing extraordinary, but it was decent and priced alright).

      If you're fine with going further away, I'd probably recommend looking into Hartford or West Hartford. Plenty of decent options there.

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        Hi all, I'm coming next week from I-84 Danbury.

        Oh not looking for Foie Gras fancy. But if there is a spot that has terrific French Onion Soup, I'm in.

      2. Haven't tried it, but I hear the bahn mi is very good. Pho 75 is right next to the airport on RT 75.

        If you feel like BBQ, five miles away in Windsor center is Nat Hayden's Real Pit Barbeque. Its pretty good.

        1. Off 84in Farmington easy to find try Apricots or Wood N Tap.

          1. If you like a good sandwich Poquonock Giant Grinder is great.