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Best Brunch Options in Central NJ?

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Sunday Brunch is my absolute favorite meal, and one I had the pleasure of regularly indulging in during the past 4 years I lived in NYC. I'm now living in the Princeton area in Central NJ and am desperate for any Sunday Brunch recommendations!

What's your favorite brunch spot? High End, Cheap, and everything in between - I wanna hear them all!!

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  1. I love the Skylark Diner on rt 1 in Edison any time of day! Upscale compared to your avg diner and a terrific menu!

    1. Cheap - Cafe 44, Princeton for great omelettes and more.

      In Between - KC Prime, Lawrenceville. We haven't been in a while for brunch, but enjoyed in the past.

      High End - elements or the Peacock Inn, both in Princeton.

      New - opening this Sunday (for dinner) but soon to be adding lunch/brunch is Agricola in Princeton. Looks very promising.

      1. Seconding the Skylark Diner - it's a better than average diner. The last time we were there they had a drink cart that visits each table - brunch cocktails are $5-6!

        Teresa's Cafe has a very nice brunch. The regular coffee is served as an americano which is a nice touch.

        I'm also going to suggest Cheesecake Factory's Sunday brunch. I know it's a chain but the brunch there is quite good. The lemon ricotta pancakes are super. I dare to say they are better than the ones I've had at Sarabeth's for nearly 2x the price.

        And it's not traditional brunch but we've enjoyed many a morning at Small World Coffee - the location on Nassau St next to the seafood shop offers a few hot breakfast items aside from baked goods. The Pile Driver egg sandwich, bagel with smoked salmon and breakfast burrito are really good. If you get there early enough you might be able to snag a blueberry muffin which is more like a mess of blueberries that happen to be a muffin. They serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

        1. I like Witherspoon Grill, and for high-end, Rat's - the restaurant at Grounds for Sculpture in Lawrenceville - does a really nice brunch.

          1. The Cranbury Inn offers a scenic Sunday brunch. It is pricey but offers unlimited champagne refills.

            1. My other half and I share your love of a good brunch. Some may turn up their noses at buffets, but we enjoy the freedom to sample. We love KC Prime in Lawrenceville, and suggest reservations and going before noon. Winberies's in Princeton (and also King of Prussia) does a nice and low-key brunch, with a free Mimosa or Bloody Mary. They were, reportedly, changing their name, so I don't know if the brunch is still available. Perona Farms in Andover is a hike, but they take their brunch very seriously...they claim to have invented it! Great raw seafood bar and a machine that churns out homemade donuts on front of you. Market Yard Grille in The American Hotel (Freehold) does a very good brunch. Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank is lovely and consistently excellent, and is one of few places where we would risk dining out on big restaurant days like Mother's Day, Easter, etc. Lacroix at the Rittenhouse and also the Swann Lounge, both in Philadelphia, are over the top on all counts: quality, variety, ambience, and are both priced accordingly. We usually post our brunch experiences on Trip Advisor, if you want more details about these restaurants or the other brunches we've tried.