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Mar 7, 2013 04:27 PM

4 year old birthday party

Having a spring time birthday party in the park for around 20 kids and their parents... Anyone have good options for food that is travel friendly that doesn't need to be warmed or kept cold? Also trying to think of good treat bags, was thinking of doing cake pops for the kids to take home??

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  1. Finger sandwiches -- pb & j, cheese, turkey, ham, cream cheese and jelly

    Cheese cubes, crackers, pretzels, goldfish crackers

    Chicken drumsticks, wings, or tenders -- just fine at room temperature

    Baby carrots

    Sliced fruit -- apples, orange smilies, grapes

    1. Mini bagels stuffed with regular cream cheese or strawberry flavored cream cheese
      Stuffed celery
      Juice boxes/bags
      Small bottled water
      Mini muffins
      Cream cheese finger sandwiches made with banana bread
      Large pretzel sticks, half dipped in chocolate, and covered with colored sprinkles

      1. any of the little angels have food allergies/restrictions? or even more difficult 'helicopter parents' whose ideas about diet must extend to those with whom their children associate?

        1. How about an orzo pasta salad? Add in whatever you please (or the 4 year olds please) and a vinaigrette and serve room temp. I would make a nice side or chill some diced chicken, bring a cooler, and you have an entree pasta salad.

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            sounds good, but be prepared for the comments of "this rice is funny/weird" (and I know adults who have had that reaction!)

            I suppose describing it as 'special B-day rice' or better 'they're cute little baby noodles' would work.

            1. re: hill food

              True. I hadn't thought of that. I'm blessed with an 11 year old step daughter that is pretty adventurous eater.

              Maybe try this with cork screw or something?

              1. re: pagesinthesun

                or primarily for the adults, plates of salad and free-range 4 YO running wild in nature don't always mix well.

          2. A big bowl of chicken salad made with Vidalia onion vinaigrette, chopped celery leaves, shredded carrots, maybe some frozen & thawed peas AND some halved green grapes; serve with toasted crostini or assorted crackers. It does not to be kept cold; just chill it overnight for the flavors to meld and it will be fine sitting out. I use both breast & leg quarters to make this and it is always a hit.

            Use wagon wheel pasta and diced fresh veggies like, yellow squash, zucchini, cukes, halved cherry tomatoes, celery or it's leaves, and any other colorful veggie for pasta salad. You can use a tomato or other vinaigrette and shredded cheese. I like smoked gouda but you might want a more neutral mild cheddar or mozzarella. I add fresh herbs to mine like parsley and shredded basil but it can be left out, I also add red onion but again, it can be left out. If you can find multicolored wagon wheels, use those or other pasta like bow ties or corkscrew. Color is key for this pasta salad

            Deviled eggs are always good for a party; these don't have to be refrigerated but do chill them overnight. They'll be gone so fast, they won't have a chance to go spoil. Transport them to the site in a cooler and set them out right before serving.