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Mar 7, 2013 04:03 PM

Pat's Homestyle at Queen and Bathurst.. Damn I enjoyed my meal there last night.

Tried to get into 416 Snackbar for food last night but it was filled to the brim with people who looked waaaay cooler than us, so we walked around the corner to Pat's Homestyle instead.

I gotta say I thoroughly devoured my jerk chicken order and it was so good I ordered another jerk pork to go for today.

The rice was just as delicious as the chicken, smothered in their gravy..

I mean if that's not good food I don't know what good food is. I recently went to The Grove for dinner and didn't feel the need to compliment the chef or anything, it was good but nothing memorable. Pat's? I won't forget that place. So tasty.

Can't believe I never even knew it was there.. I've been to Gandhi many times just a couple doors away, and used to have an office at Bathurst/Adelaide.. I've seriously missed out. I think they need a brighter sign or something.

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  1. Really? My experience with them has been inconsistent - tipping towards the negative most of the time.
    On a good day, their oxtail could be really tasty. Last few times I was there for take out, the meats were dry, and the rice tasted old and crusty.
    One item that never failed me was the dumplings. Deep fried goodness. But I would still opt for 416's scotch egg over these any day.

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      The rice was the best part for me, so moist and tasty and all that.

      First time there, so maybe I just got lucky, but I really did love the food. I had the pork the next day and it was great too. Not dried out or anything. I never microwaved it though, put it into a hot oven to heat up and it worked well.

      I'll try the dumplings next time thanks. I just got some doubles from Drupati's up on Albion road about to dig into them.. Mmmmm.

      Then Mexico next week.. I'm gonna be sooo fatttttt