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Mar 7, 2013 03:40 PM

Dining Options in San Antonio - What's good? Local??

Hi – I will be in San Antonio this weekend and am Looking for some recommendations on where to go eat.

Will have wife and kids with me (teenaged – they eat anything from high end to low-brow), and would love to experience what the city has to offer.

Staying in Riverwalk area, but will have our car with us as we are driving down from Dallas.

Very interested in food-first, fun local places, good wine list and spirits doesn’t hurt the cause.

Would love some authentic Mexican for sure at some point.

Given that we’ve got the kids with us, not necessarily looking for the highest end places, but won’t shy away if something intriguing is recommended.

What should we consider?


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  1. A few suggestions for you:
    The Granary (Pearl complex) -BBQ and craft brewery rolled into one.
    The Luxury (SA river next to Art Museum)- Upscale sandwiches from SA's premier restauranteur/chef, good wine list plus good craft beer selections.
    The Monterey/Hot Joy- Great atmosphere, creative, unusual small plates selections, great wines/craft beer. Oriental menu on Sun-Mon
    Restaurant Gwendolyn (riverwalk) Farm-Table, no modern appliances on site. A bit more $$ and dressier.
    Freetail Brewpub (loop1604/NW Military) great on-site brewery selections, pizza, pub-grub

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    1. re: Sam Spade

      Thanks for the recos people. Ended up really intrigued by FEAST and The Granary. Looked up some of the other places for Sunday evening and just about everything was closed NAO....etc.

      Nevertheless, we took cab Sunday night to Granary (website said it was open), only to find it was closed - DAMN!

      Instead ended up at Il Sogno aroud the corner....(huge Italian fan, but in San Antonio??.... - I'm a native NYer from an Italian family and somewhat of an Italian Food Afficionado, so don;t take that the wrong way people). Nevertheless it was fabulous. Really enjoyed it.

      Monday we were so tired we just trolled the Riverwalk to find some food and it was so packed we ended up wth a disappointing meal.....every place we wanted to go had too long of a wait.

      Really intrigued by FEAST....loved the menu online. If we get back I am there!

      1. re: masnole

        Good move, Il Sogno is one of the few Italian restaurants around that are worth going to, we're from the east coast as well and are generally disappointed.

    2. I went to La Fonda over the weekend - it is really excellent, the shrimp nachos were out of this world!!

      1. For authentic mex I would recommend Guajillos or Cascabel Mexican Patio. El Bucanero is tops if you like seafood - do not miss the fried fish tacos and ceviche! A little higher priced but absolutely delicious is El Mirasol - their Chispas are the best margaritas in town, IMO.

        My favorite tex mex is Teka Molino. Crazy delicious. If you want to try something different, try Gorditas Dona Tota - a fast food chain with dozens of locations in Mexico but just a few in the US.

        If you're interested in the best chicken fingers in the world, check out Speedy's on the South Side.

        The bean burger is a San Antonio classic . .my favorite is Order Up.

        I don't know if you have a Pollo Regio in Dallas . .. but if not, give that place a try for some fantastic mexican grilled chicken - get plenty of the green salsa.

        The Guenther House is a favorite for breakfast - get there early to avoid the lines. Same thing with Magnolia Pancake Haus. Better food than GH, in my opinion . .but just a normal diner where GH is in an old victorian mansion on the river.

        Also consider The Liberty Bar, Titos and Rosarios in Southtown.

        Don't forget to bring some loose pants for the drive home, lol