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Mar 7, 2013 03:02 PM

Junket Danish Dessert-anywhere?

I just found a box of Junket Danish Dessert (raspberry) in the back of my cabinet and was hoping someone knew where to find it these days. It was a favorite of my childhood, requiring only boiling water (and to make it special, some canned fruit). Great for those with milk allergies and a Danish/Scandanavian treat. Of course, the Red #40 dye and all the sugar will make you twirl! You can buy it online, but surely it is available somewhere in the DC area!

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  1. This is just a guess, but you might try a World Market (mostly home furnishings) store. They have a fairly good sized food-from-other-places section and might have what you're looking for. There isn't one in DC proper, but there are a few in northern VA, one in Silver Spring, and one in Rockville. It's probably worth at least a phone call to the closest one to you.

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        Actually there's a WM in Friendship Heights (in the Chevy Chase Pavilion) in DC, and not one in SS. There's also one on Rockville Pike, in the shopping center with Trader Joe's and the Silver Diner.

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          I suppose if I had looked at the address rather than the map on the web site I could have been more accurate. But to someone from Virgina, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase . . . they're all "over there somewhere." It's why I included the link to World Market so the one looking for the Junket could decide if it was worth taking a junked there if they actually had it.

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            lol that's kinda how I feel about NoVa.

      2. I'm half Danish and this threw me for a loop as I had never heard of it. Once I Googled, I realized it was a quick version of Rodgrod med Flode...which brings back memories. My mom used to make it with rhubarb and strawberries. With that being said, I have not seen it at World Market or Trader Joe's. It would have caught my attention. Maybe Ikea?

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          I have checked Ikea and it isn't there. The Junket company is based in NY. I know I bought it here in DC at either Giant or Safeway once upon a time.

        2. It's online. Google "junket dessert".

          1. Is Danish Junket different from the Junket rennet custard my mother made in the '50s in the USA? She made it with milk.

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            1. re: Jay F

              Very different, but same company. I grew up with all of it. We called the Danish Junket Dessert, "Danish Pudding."

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                The Junket company also made the rennet for those who wanted to boil down the berries for a true "Rodgrod" with cream.

              2. Shoprite grocery store in NY/NJ carries it but the closest store here is in Timonium or Bel Air, Md. Not in my normal shopping "range."