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Mar 7, 2013 01:52 PM

Baby Kale

I recently bought baby kale in a box for salad. it was great but I have no idea where I bought it. I shop at Trader Joes, Giant, Whole Foods, Safeway and Shoppers in No Va. I can't find it at any of those stores and the store personnel have not been helpful. Has anyone else found it? TIA

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  1. They had some (a couple of different brands) in the Whole Foods on P Street this afternoon.

    I have bought some at the Dupont Farmers Market (I'd never seen baby kale before, so it's kind of a novelty for me - you don't really get it in the UK).

    1. Recently, I've bought boxes of baby kale at Whole Foods (Falls Church). I've also enjoyed a variation on baby from the Arlington Harris Teeter. This other product comes from the same packager, but is a combination of greens including baby kale, baby Swiss chard, and baby spinach. This combo option would work very well in a salad.

      The McLean Giant carries a product that is close, but isn't really appropropriate to be used raw for salads. Giant carries a plastic package of mixed kale, but the kale is torn pieces from larger, mature leaves and probably need cooking to be used successfully.

      1. Thanks for the answers. I'll try Whole Foods again.

        1. Giant carries it now; I was so excited to see it! It's only been there for the past month or so, and there's only 1 slot for it in the display, so you can miss it easily. It's where they have the baby arugula, baby spinach, etc. All the organic boxed salad greens.

          1. Wegman's in Crofton. Organic. Boom.