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Mar 7, 2013 01:27 PM

Food truck pod for lunch on thursday March 21

Food truck pod for lunch thursday March 21?

4 from florida looking for a great pod downtown or near UT or SoCo for lunch after flying in. Any advice on where to find the best pod with lots of choices/trucks? I looked through some of these websites which I didn't find very helpful. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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  1. Melvin's Deli Comfort is my new favorite, but you'll need to get there no later than 11:15 (and that may be too late) to get the famous ruben or pastrami. They sell out fast. The roast beef and Italian sub are quite good, but not Florida trip worthy. You can call them ahead and tell them you're coming and I'm sure they'd put some back for you're arrival. It's worth a try.

    Flip Happy Crepes is very old school Austin and the cuban and nutella/banana crepes are wonderful (although, the banana was MUCH better when they caramelized the banana first). There's also a new food trailer court just around the corner from them that looks quite interesting (Tommy Want Wingy, especially). You could make it a "trailer tour" that way.

    Mueller's truck is getting some love, but I have yet to try it.

    Trick is, most of the noteworthy food trailers are dinner only. It's kept me from trying many of the places that are really supposedly tops.

    1. Not a pod, and technically not a truck (though all of its brethren are), but East Side King at the Hole in the Wall is open for lunch. It's near UT:

      Also, I adore Lucky's Puccia's, which is downtown, and they're open for lunch:

      Unfortunately, I can't think of any pods of trucks left anymore that are great.