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Mar 7, 2013 12:45 PM

BOSTON early April

Hi- Taking our kids to Boston for a few nights, early april, ages 10 and 5. Really good kids that are well behaved but not that food-adventurous. Staying near Long Wharf.. looking for places for places to eat- dinner, lunch and even breakfast- hubby and I love good food, nice places but also needs to be places that will welcome two really good kids..Any suggestions?? thanks!!!

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  1. check out this recent thread:

    maybe too adventurous for your you need a menu specific to children? lots of places that don't have a children's menu can make pasta for you want take out/delivery to Long Wharf?

    where are you coming from/what would you like to try if children could be satisfied...what can't you get at home, and will you be walking/taking cabs or public transportation. Driving and parking is not often a good solution here...have you been to Boston before?

    welcome! could be warm or cold...

    1. Madrid- Hi. Coming from NYC area so there isn't much we can't get! Just looking for good food, kid-friendly (doesn't need to be kid menu)..nicer place rather then walk-in pizzeria type place) Will be at Long Wharf Marriott so walking to North End/Faneuil Hall. Will also take trolley tour (for the kids!) and get to Newbury Street area too. Hubby and I love seafood but kids will need basics (like chicken or pasta/pizza). Have been to Boston before- have eaten at a few places in North End but nothing great. ANY recommendations are welcome! Thank you!!

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        at Long Wharf you are right at the New England Aquarium and they have a list of nearby eats.

        As their site indicates, you are close to North End and Faneuil Hall (immense food court and several restaurants), as you already know. That area is full of tourist places and so called Irish pubs. The aquarium is being remodeled and most of the penguins are off site but they do have a small penguin exhibit and admission is reduced because of limited exhibitions. The cafe there, which you can access without having to pay for admission, has some great views and is totally kid-friendly, as well as calorie-ladden, if you get in a pinch. There is a Legal Seafood right there, not liked much on this board, but they are very kid friendly and I find the tuna burger and chowder more than ok compared to the pubs in the area (others will disagree). Check out City son loved it was it was Sel de la Terre. I personally haven't tried it but search the reviews here...have heard it is fine.

        There is a Bertucci's at Faneuil Hall...a local pizza chain that has expended to DC, Conn., etc. I personally think it has gotten a lot worse as time and expansion go on, but the salads are decent for adults, the rolls are great ( my son loves them) and kids menu OK...and cocktails, if you are so inclined.

        welcome and hope you have a good visit.

      2. v, welcome in advance! This info might look overwhelming at first, but i hope it will be helpful:

        Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:

        1. If you want to make it over to Kenmore Square (near BU), Island Creek Oyster Bar is terrific. There is enough accessible on the menu for non-adventurous eaters, and the ambiance is nice but mod and not at all stuffy. I've taken my kids (now 12 and 7) there a few times, and it's gone over quite well.

          1. In the North End on Hanover St across the street from Mike's Pastry is Gallaria Umberto. Lunch only, cash only, counter service with very limited options, but everything is very good and VERY cheap, very kid friendly. Slabs of Sicilian sty;e pizza, big arancini (rice balls filled w/sauce, meat, cheese, and peas) 4 kinds of calzone, panzarotti (herbed mashed potatoes with mozzarella cheese in the center, fried crispy on the outside). No frills, but you can feed the whole family for what a large pizza in NYC costs. The spinach, sausage, and cheese calzone is the most expensive item at $4.75.

            Second heading into Kenmore for both Island Creek Oyster Bar, and Eastern Standard, both great for families.

            PS: If you want pastry while in the North End, skip the touristy Mike's, and head to either Modern or maria's for far superior stuff. Enjoy your trip!

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              What about Seaport District or Chinatown. South End is good too