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Mar 7, 2013 12:04 PM


As reported by the BBC, this study has some interesting conclusions; but the consumption of smoked and cured red meats,(sausages, bacon, ham, etc.) would have to be more than just the "center of the plate" quantity.

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  1. Uh, I don't think it's any secret that "processed meats" like sausages, bacon, and ham are not that healthy, especially when eaten in large quantites. And it's also not a secret that an unhealthy diet can cause an earlier death.

      1. anecdotal onfo. gives way to scientific studies...........

        1. Studies make things seem so simple, but given these findings, I was surprised to see that Germany, where sausages, both fresh and cured, are such a significant part of the culture, has a life expectancy significantly longer than that of the US.

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            The study estimates that "health losses" due to red and processed meat consumption contribute only about 1% of the total health losses from all causes.

            There are many factors which contribute to life expectancy, notably including infant mortality. The effects studied here sow up in the oldest segment of the population.

            It isn't studies that make things seem so simple, but news accounts of studies.

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              "It isn't studies that make things so simple, but news accounts of studies"

              WOW...most profound statement I have read on here in quite some time :)

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              The German government started recommending people cut down on the amount of meat in their diet about five years ago.