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Mar 7, 2013 11:25 AM

Henckel Steak knives made in Spain -- at Homegoods

I just saw a 4-pack of these at Homegoods for $39.99 , and although they're not the original German-made set I'm wondering if these are decent enough quality for the price, and the fact that I don't necessarily need to spend a couple hundred dollars on fancy steak knives right now.

Any experience with them? Will they last awhile? Broken tips, loosening handles, dull quicker?

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  1. As long as they aren't serrated, I wouldn't have much issue with where they were manufactured. My main concern is to able to sharpen them just like any other kitchen knife. I am currently using Chicago Cutlery...I keep them razor sharp, and they are the best steak knives I've ever had.

    1. I got some MIU (France) steak knives from for ~$20/4 that are serving me well.

      The Henckel's you're looking at are not a good choice IMHO. They are cheap stamped soft blades. You want something stiff with no or very little lateral flex. The polypropylene riveted handles are pretty durable and will serve you well.

      For a good value choice, look for some Tramatonia (Brazilian) forged steak knives or, watch ebay for Wusthof Gran Prix with red handles (they tend to go cheap; ~$60).

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        Correct me if I'm wrong but MiuFrance is only as french as the word "France" in its name? When I was going through my knives-phase and doing my research, that was one of the brand I came across and it seems to be just another generic kitchen tool manufacturer - like OXO - where they just contract out the manufacturing to random chinese factories depending on the product/cost.

        photog_016, I've seen and handled the specific steak knives you are referring to and they seem to be well made and balance in the hand well. But more importantly, as JayL noted, being not serrated they can be sharpen easily as needed. I've had some Henkels in the past that were made in Spain and had no problem with them. In fact I still keep the 8-inch chef knife to cut/chop chicken bones and not a chip to mention of.

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          Thanks goodthyme I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I'll for them if they're still there, but am still researching.

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            My MIU are French. I'm pretty sure MIU is pretty much an OXO type company but, they do build some good stuff whether European or Chinese origin.

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              < just another generic kitchen tool manufacturer - like OXO - where they just contract out the manufacturing to random chinese factories >

              My understanding is that MIU France is not like OXO. It has always been a Hong Kong based company from the start, and later moved its manufacturing into China. It does not contract the manufacturing. It has its own factories.

              I do hear good things about the company's products.


              Meyer is another Hong Kong based company which makes many well known cookware such as Circulon, Anolon, Faberware, KitchenAid....


              As for Henckels made from Spain and China, they are not on the same standard as German Zwilling Henckels -- nothing against Spain or China or anywhere. However, it is important to know that there are two major branches of Henckels: Zwilling JA Henckels made from German, and JA Henckels International made elsewhere. JA Henckels International knives are made with lower tier materials and simpler design. As such, Henckels International knives are poorer in quality -- not because they are made in Spain or China, but because they are made with inferior materials to begin with.

              This may or may not be a problem as long as the customers have the correct expectation. Henckels International knives are much cheaper, so don't expect them to be as good as their more expensive counterpart.

              I have not used these steak knives, but I have sharpened and used Henckels International Chef's knife. It was ok, but not good.

              "The 6 inch Henckels International knife formed an edge, but it is not as sharp as the Kiwi based on paper cut and hair cut tests and cutting meats. The difference feels less when cutting vegetables. I had resharpened it, but it could not take a very sharp edge. I rate it lower than a Dexter knife or in this case a Kiwi knife....."


          2. Ok, thanks for the ideas.