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Mar 7, 2013 10:32 AM

Globe and Mail's 10 best places for Chinese food in GTA

has this been discussed? what do you guys think of the list? I think Ten Ren's Tea Time is a really really weird choice for one

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  1. Can't argue with Yang's and Northern Dumpling Kitchen, two of my favourite spots (both on my top 10 list). And I do love the hand pulled noodles at Sun, though I find their broths weak.

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      Agreed Re Yangs and Northern Dumpling Kitchen

    2. I think it's funny that CNS couldn't hold his own arguing with Charles, but then is bold enough to go out and make a top ten list of "Chinese" food.

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          In June 2012

          Interesting to compare with the Critics' Choice Awards from the Chinese Restaurant Awards.

          Yang's, John's BBQ & Northern Dumpling Kitchen would make my top 10 Chinese in the GTA.

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              it's a pretty good list for the target reader. Doubt he is writing his list for folks like Charles and others on this board.

              Sun's noodle is a good choice. We used to frequent 369. Phoenix is a good way to introduce non-Chinese folks to HK diner food.

              If not to be a fine dining list, then this list is a good guide for the target G&M reader who wants to venture up North. One that stands out is Bowl Kee. I drive by it all the time. Always wondered why this place lasted all these years since like Magic Wok, I think they only open for dinner. Will likely try it now.

              One place we frequent for value family dinners is Very Fair on Sheppard. Good wok hay. And great value set dinners. Giant lobster for $9.99/lb. Always packed with families for dinner.

              the previous list had Gourmet Malaysia and One2Snack I think. those are good recs/finds for non-Chinese adventurers who are not familiar with Scarborough.

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                Indeed. Then the DB took to twitter to insult us all for being "anonymous" members even though he's anonymous himself (or was, at some point), which is also highly amusing, especially since many of us are only anonymous to him. He tosses out insults to the CH community every so often as well. I suspect he's a pretty insecure individual.

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            Agree that it's funny;) Was it worth the wait?

          2. The list is jumping around between candidates for best 'dishes' and/or best 'places'!!

            Agree, John's B-B-Q is great for their 'King of Char Sui', however as a restaurant serving other dishes, their kitchen is not at par with the likes of the Emperor or Judy's Cuisine.

            BTW, if a single outstanding dish can propel an establishment into a 10 best list, then surely O'Mei with its unique Giant Lobster 4-5 ways should be amongst them!!

            A 'Bubble Tea' place amongst the 10 Best! Indeed, most interesting and weird!!

            For best Dim Sum in the GTA now, I would rate Spring Villa Number 1 for inventiveness, execution and taste. Yang's is still pretty good but I actually like Yang's more for its dinner offering!

            1. Well, it's all very well but I live downtown and don't drive. I would actually appreciate knowing what's good around here. I live in Chinatown and nothing knocks me out, to be honest. I just have mainstays.