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Mar 7, 2013 10:26 AM

Stoneware - Le Creuset, Emile Henry

What's the consensus with Le Creuset stoneware? I know it's made in Thailand and China, and I've read reviews ranging from "Best Ever" to "I wouldn't touch the stuff" , which is quite an extreme range.

I found the LeCreuset Poterie ramekin 2-packs at Homegoods for $6.99(and other oval au gratin dishes for great prices). I also like that their volume is more than most.

So with such an extreme view on quality, should I keep these, or go for something like the nice Emile Henry's that'll be $18 for the 2, and a bit smaller.

Any other reviews for the gratin dishes, and Le Creuset stoneware in general? Should I return those for some pricier, French Emile Henry's and/or porcelain dishes.


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