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Mar 7, 2013 09:33 AM

Can anyone recommend a really good reliable portable induction burner?

Can those of you who have a portable induction burner that you love and have used for at least a year, please let me know what brand and model number you have and what you like/don't like about it?

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    1. I have a Yamazen and use it everyday and it works well. When it dies I have my eye on a 2 burner model. I am happy with this one but would try a different model if I was getting another. It only cost $30 and is very very basic. I would try any Japanese brand and expect it to work well. They are very advanced in IH technology and it is quite common here.

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        I have this older Fagor induction burner for almost a year. Which I use as my primary cooking surface. Its 1300W Made in China.

        But it has developed a hot spot on the top half of the burner. It's very noticeable when I caramelize onions. I'm wondering if anybody else has had similar issues?

      2. What is your price range?

        The professional Vollrath models are very nice. The cheap ones are disposable and ~10% the cost.

        When/if my current Supentown dies, I'll buy Vollrath.

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          The Vollrath models are more than I want to spend, especially since I have never cooked with induction before. I do not want a cheapy throwaway unit either. Aren't there any mid-range units that are $100-200?

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            That is exactly what I did. Got the Vollrath Mirage pro with knob control. :)

          2. The Max Burton 1800w that I mentioned in this 2 yr old post is still doing fine.

            This model has been discussed a lot. It could use a few more low power settings, but otherwise I am happy with it.

            1. Are these units typically 120 volts? I can see there portability being great for the back porch when cooking/eating outdoors.