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Can anyone recommend a really good reliable portable induction burner?

Can those of you who have a portable induction burner that you love and have used for at least a year, please let me know what brand and model number you have and what you like/don't like about it?

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    1. I have a Yamazen and use it everyday and it works well. When it dies I have my eye on a 2 burner model. I am happy with this one but would try a different model if I was getting another. It only cost $30 and is very very basic. I would try any Japanese brand and expect it to work well. They are very advanced in IH technology and it is quite common here.

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        I have this older Fagor induction burner for almost a year. Which I use as my primary cooking surface. Its 1300W Made in China.


        But it has developed a hot spot on the top half of the burner. It's very noticeable when I caramelize onions. I'm wondering if anybody else has had similar issues?

      2. What is your price range?

        The professional Vollrath models are very nice. The cheap ones are disposable and ~10% the cost.

        When/if my current Supentown dies, I'll buy Vollrath.

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          The Vollrath models are more than I want to spend, especially since I have never cooked with induction before. I do not want a cheapy throwaway unit either. Aren't there any mid-range units that are $100-200?

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            That is exactly what I did. Got the Vollrath Mirage pro with knob control. :)

          2. The Max Burton 1800w that I mentioned in this 2 yr old post is still doing fine.

            This model has been discussed a lot. It could use a few more low power settings, but otherwise I am happy with it.

            1. Are these units typically 120 volts? I can see there portability being great for the back porch when cooking/eating outdoors.

              1. Thank you for your responses! I have not used an induction burner/stove. so I do not know what to expect. With the prices all over the place, from $30 to several thousand dollars, I do not know what is desirable in such a unit. I love my gas stove and I love cooking on a flame - I do not like electric cooktops. I do want a portable unit, so I thought of induction. I have induction compatible cookware, so that is all set. I am comparing the low cost iron burners with induction burners, which I am sure is comparing apples and oranges. Portable, precise and even temperature is what I am looking for. I do not want to pay more than $200. for it.

                1. http://www.toolup.com/search.aspx?Sea...

                  Toolup, which sells the low cost Max Burton 6000 (mine) also has a 6500 model in the $100-200 range. It is still 120v (many commercial units require higher voltage), but the case is sturdier and deeper. Even if the basic electronics are the same, it is probably more reliable because of better cooling.

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                    Thank you, paulj! That looks like a good one for me! Thanks for the link!