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Mar 7, 2013 09:15 AM

Redondo Beach Pier --- Help.

Looking for a nice place to have lunch and enjoy at least decent seafood at the Redondo Beach Pier.
Any suggestions or experiences?


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  1. Nice place or decent seafood is the question - we can attest to the seafood part: grab a table outside, buy a selection (we usually get 17-20 different oysters) then crab for everyone with mallets, bibs, butcher paper and ready set go. Wonderful way to eat crab because its not over the kitchen floor or the patio (have tried both) and the pier is the better venue. Saturday morning late is a good time before the crowds but take a heavy sweater or jacket because its a bit breezy. Mme Zoe has already booked to go later this month for her birthday.

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    1. re: ZoeZ

      Sounds like you are talking about Quality Seafood. I'm looking for something indoors. Doesn't have to be fancy.

      1. re: Baron

        see if izakaya bincho is open?


        n/m I see you wanted seafood.

        1. re: ns1

          Dinner only. FWIW, we tried to eat there a few weekends ago. Called twice to verify hours/ reserve larger table for six - no answer. Drove down from the Westside, hoping Tomo-san was open at 1800. Got there at 1815 to find the front open but with a "Closed" sign up. I peeked inside and ever so politely asked if he was serving that night. He seemed seriously annoyed and gruffly responded, "Not yet."

          "What time will you be opening?"


          We loaded up the car and left. He just seemed too pissed off to even deal with us.

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Has anyone ever seen Tomo-san and Keizo Seki at the same time or is the conspiracy theory adding up? ;-D>

            1. re: bulavinaka

              I had this exact same experience last year! I did end up staying until 7pm opening, then had a great meal, as good as ever. Though yakitori items were back (better at Torihei), I preferred the izakaya dishes here.

              Fast forward to last weekend, tried going for dinner on Sat just before 9pm. Saw only a single table of 4 guests in there, closed sign was out, I asked the chef if he's still serving, I was turned away rather rudely.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                This happened to me about 2 months ago as well. But I think it was even later than that. He sent us away till 7.30 or 8. It is a bummer that I tried to call about 10 times before we got there. We ended up having a beer next door and then coming back. It was an ok experience, though not my favorite there. I've come to realize my best experiences are sitting at the bar. It definitely makes me pause a bit about going back because I have to be sure the people I invite are able to go with the flow of his moods.

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  He's seriously like 2 steps away from his own episode of "kitchen nightmares".

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    That's not a nice way of treating your customers/patrons. Much as I like the food at Izakaya Bincho and dine there even if out of the way, this kind of response and attitude will ultimately drive him out of business. I hope to not experience the same rudeness in the future. Otherwise, there are other options available.

                2. re: Baron

                  Definitely Pacific Fish

                  Pacific Fish Center & Restaurant
                  131 Fishermans Wharf
                  Redondo Beach, CA 90277
                  (310) 374-8420


                  1. re: Servorg

                    I should have listened to you. Wound up at Capt. Kidd's. My fried shrimp was ok, but wife's ciapino was sub par. Never again.

              2. I actually enjoyed The Boiling Shrimp. It's the same concept as The Boiling Crab in Garden Grove. Try the "Medley" seasoning, extra spicy! It's located on the upper level, kind of above the arcade.

                1. Unfortunately the options have narrowed since Halibut Corner closed... that was my go-to for modestly priced good fresh seafood by the per. Quality Seafood has high quality fresh fish simply cooked, but the outdoor tables and sometimes loud crowd are a turn-off. I wasn't impressed by Boiling Shrimp - the fried fish had a very crisp batter but nothing else was good, and the Thai noodles were awful.

                  I have never been excited by Kincaid's food, but they aren't bad and the outdoor patio over the water is as nice as it gets. If you like retro environments, Old Tony's is straight out of the early 1960's and the simple seafood items are fresh and competently prepared.

                  If you are up for Japanese seafood, the best meal on the pier is at Oriental Breeze. They have both sushi and cooked dishes, and both are excellent and authentic.