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Mar 7, 2013 07:32 AM

bar keeper's friend / ajax / comet

looking to replace the consistently gunked up soft scrub w/ a powder that will do:

-stainless steels
-enameled stovetop
-horrific corian sink that i swear cottage cheese could stain
-fiberglass tub.

is there one powder to rule them all? does one have benefits over others?

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  1. Hi, j8715:

    They'll all clean what you listed, but the fiberglass tub will ultimately lose its gloss with them. BKF will do it fastest.

    People like BKF because it's fast. It's fast because of: (a) its grit size (coarsest of all the listed powders); and (b) its inclusion of oxalic acid. Comet and Ajax use chlorine instead and have smaller grit size.

    Personally, I like Bon Ami--smallest grit size of all 4, and no chlorine or acid. Instead, BA uses a surfactant (soap) along with the grit. Of the 4, it's the only one I'd use on a fiberglass tub.


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      Bon Ami is about the only cleanser I use and have Comet and BKF if BA can't do it, which is seldom.


      1. re: kaleokahu

        I agree with Kaleo: try Bon Ami. It's great stuff.

      2. horrific corian sink that i swear cottage cheese could stain

        I can relate. We have a corian sink in the bathroom and I hate it with a passion. How does white toothpaste stain a white sink? Everything (which is basically limited to water, toothpaste and handsoap) clings to that bowl. Is this a common problem with Corian material?

        For our fiberglass tubs/showers, I use either baking soda or borax made into a paste with a littel dish detergent on a non-scratch scrubby pad. I would describe our water as medium hard and it works well.

        I am going to pick up Bon Ami next time I see it and give that a try.

        1. I love Comet! I don't have any experience with the other scouring agents you mentioned but Comet would work great with the surfaces you mentioned. I use it on my fiberglass shower pan w/o any adverse issues. Although it is not glossy like a tub.

          1. Try them all. Just don't overscrub - they're all abrasive. As to your Corian staining problem, try using CLR or Lime-Away as hardwater buildup can be at the root of many stains.

            Sometimes toothpaste is pretty good a removing stains too. It's gentle but effective for lots of things. I use toothpaste with an electric brush when I need to remove a small stain. I've never tried it with a whole tub or basin though.

            1. BKF for All-Clad pans, works great. Haven't tried it on stove top, don't have corian, no exp with fiberglass tubs.