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Mar 7, 2013 06:47 AM

Bogie's Place Comparison

Hello CHers,

I am special-occasion dining on consecutive days for DC's fiftieth birthday. He is a lover of the Capital Grille and of Clio and I have, dutifully, reserved at each. We love Clio, so no problem there (though I do prefer L'Espalier).

I went to Capital Grille yesterday to audition the new site. I've never been a great fan of the restaurant or the steakhouse genre. I had a dry-aged sirloin and while it was good, it was still "meh" for a momentous occasion. Also, it was $18 less at lunch which, though I'm perfectly willing to splash out on food, really galls me.

I was thinking of trying a new place and Bogie's at JM Curley's is intriguing to me. Is their steak at the same level as Capital Grille? At least the setting is not so cavernous and sterile. I've also considered Del Frisco but was not a fan in Dallas.

I know the occasion is about the celebrant. Is there a way for us both to be happy (other than the 14 courses we'll be having the next night!)?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. Bogie's is definitley aunique place. Though the selection will not be as near as extensive as Capital Grille or Del Frisco's, the menu is more innovative [includs caviar, foie gras and a four grain "t" bone for vegetarians] and has been a hit since it's inception.

    I also like Mooo and as of this past weekend Boston Chops. Bogie's will be more on the intimate side as they have seating just around 20 people, so if you do want to go and its a weekend, book soon.

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    1. re: KeyConcierge

      Thanks for the input. The sturgeon caviar and foie are major factors in my wanting to go to Bogie's. Have you found there steaks to be the equal of CG's?

      1. re: musteat

        I would say better at Bogies as I have had filets at both and the one from Bogies was memorable [had it with bone marrow]. I feel with the restaurant's size too, the chefs there have the luxury to pay that extra attention of detail to each and every dish as opposed to a 200+ seat restaurant.

        1. re: musteat

          sorry for an only half-on point answer but i'll try- i have not been to capital grille, but looking at their menu would say this:

          if you're looking for the seriously funky/dry age taste of beef, probably Bogie's is not your best bet as they only have one cut they advertise as dry-aged (which i've not had) but they just don't have the space to compete with a place that is dedicated to dry aging.

          in terms of a well executed, delicious steak, their cowboy steak is on par with any serious steak i've had, and the addition of house rub and some bone marrow push it over the edge in terms of giving it a unique spin.

          1. re: valcfield

            I like what I'm hearing. Have asked for a reservation in a couple weeks and await their reply!

            I had the dry-aged sirloin at CG yesterday and did not get that funky flavor from it. In fact, that's what spurred my change of heart.

            1. re: musteat

              nice! will be excited to hear your thoughts. it's gone into our rotation of celebratory spots, and look forward to going back shortly for their march specials. btw, do make sure to leave room their dessert. their chocolate lava cake is epic, and delightfully finishes off the theme of contemporary steakhouse/steakhouse-food-done-right.

          2. re: musteat

            I have been to both in the last couple months and I do think the steaks at Bogie's are equal and likely better than CG. The food not being up to par should not be a concern for you. I had a cowboy steak (ribeye) with house rub and bone marrow at Bogie's recently and it was cooked perfectly and full of rich flavor. The setting is intimate and the staff is caring, although maybe not as crisp and fluid service as a CG. Also, it is a totally different experience than going to CG, which I think could make it more special. Book it and don't look back.

            1. re: ebone

              Reservationist-willing, this will be my choice.

              1. re: musteat

                I know this is a small thing, but I had a wedge salad at both places and the Bogie's one blew CG's out of the water. It was seasoned well and very flavorful, which are characteristics I have rarely found in a steak house wedge salad. They are typically just a hunk of iceberg with a ladle of blue cheese, scattered cherry tomatoes and cold bacon bits. I think the way the wedge was done at Bogie's showed the care and pride they take in their food in general.

                1. re: ebone

                  A true test. I hope it's not as good as my DC's wedge, or it may ruin his evening! : )

                2. re: musteat

                  Reservationist was willing. Will follow up in a couple weeks. Thanks all.

              2. re: musteat

                I have seen most of my opinions about Bogie's fairly well expressed by others in this thread. Which is to say that the quality and preparation of the steaks is as good if not better than any of the big steakhouses in town, although obviously the dry aging program can't really compete.

                The service is much more personal, which adds a nice 'private room' feel for special occasion dining. The starters and sides are, in my opinion, miles ahead of CG or any other national steakhouse chain (particularly the wedge salad, as mentioned below).

                In addition to all that, if you are planning on getting the caviar service it seems like an easy choice. Definitely a unique offering, and something that really makes it stand out as a celebratory destination. If it were me I would let them know my intentions re: caviar when I booked the table, just to make sure they are prepared to pull out all the stops.

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              1. VERDICT:

                1.) The best steak I've had in Boston. We had the dry aged sirloin and the Cowboy steak (ribeye) and both were excellent. Full-flavored, extremely 'steaky.'

                2.) Caviar service was elegant and very tasty.

                3.) Foie gras torchon was interestingly prepared. Excellent.

                4.) Service was excellent.

                5.) Only possible complaint is that the wine list could use a bit more breadth and a slight reduction in the multiple of retail.

                6.) Definitely intend to become a regular here and would recommend to anyone.

                1. Was there Saturday. Very intimate booth and a great meal. The Beer and Cheese soup is top notch and the steaks are delicious. I had the Cowboy with bone marrow and my DC had the NY Strip with Bleu Cheese butter. It is nice to be in a small room that is quiet with great booth seating. A unique dining experience in downtown Boston.