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Mar 7, 2013 06:40 AM

Lunch by Hynes Convention Center

Hi everyone, What are a few best picks for lunch with an old friend that are within a short walking distance of the Hynes Convention Center? Also, steer me away from anything bad?

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  1. While I am here trying to avoid a trip to Capital Grille, I cannot deny that their lunch is excellent and a good deal. They're in the Hynes.

    I would most recommend the lunch at L'Espalier -- IMHO the best lunch in Boston. They're two blocks (or so) away at the Mandarin. Lunch is also a fair deal there, much cheaper than dinner and of the same quality.

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      great pick with l'espalier, pricey of course but food wise at lunch this will be tough to beat.

    2. Whenever I'm at Hynes, my choices are:
      1. Summer Shack. I know many people here don't like it, but coming from Vegas, to me it's great for a seafood fix. Good preps on the fish, and they also make a tasty meatloaf. Right across from the Sheraton at 50 Dalton. CORRECTION: Now closed for weekday lunch through April.
      2. Brasserie Jo. Love the food. Inconsistent service, though. Go left out the door of the Sheraton, and it's 2 short blocks away at 120 Huntington.
      3. Chilli Duck. Not fancy, but reliably good Thai, 829 Boylston.

      1. Brasserie Jo for sure

        Chili Duck

        La Voille

        1. If you're in the mood for Mexican, Casa Romero is pretty close. Also, Atlantic Fish is just about across the street.

          1. I worked across the street for a long time. Cafe Jaffa was (and is still) my favorite lunch in the area. It's casual, but good food.

            If going for a steakhouse option, I much prefer Abe & Louie's lunch over Cap Grille.

            Most options in the immediate area are pretty mediocre and overpriced.