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Mar 7, 2013 05:29 AM

Back Bay Sunday Brunch

Looking for a great, delicious, doesn’t have to be fancy just filled with wonderful food brunch spot in the Back Bay area for this coming Sunday. Any thoughts?

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  1. I've not been in for brunch yet, but I've enjoyed dinner at the Salty Pig, as have other CH members, and I recently directed a friend there for brunch with a group of coworkers and they all enjoyed it. menu here:

    wish i had more ideas but alas don't get to back bay very often.

    1. Back Bay is good, but I'm a big fan of the South End for when it comes to brunch as they have a vast amount of options.
      - Stella
      - Aquitaine
      - Stephi's on Tremont
      - Gaslight
      - Beehive [food is ok, but they have live music to go with the meal]

      If you were set on the Back Bay though, I would suggest:
      - Brasserie Jo
      - Mistral
      - Trident Bookstore
      - Sonsie

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        I'd add The South End Buttery, Masa for their ridiculously inexpensive prix fixe, Hamersley's and Cinquecento, which I just tried this past weekend and enjoyed, to the south End rec's.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            i'm surprised at your comment; you've had meh or bad food at Sonsie? We always eat there before a Berkeley show and the chef/co owner bill poirier, has always done very nice food when we've been there. Fresh, top quality and robust flavors with good sized portions. excellent red wines by the glass. handsome comfortable dining room

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              my last 3 times at sonsie? i went for lunch, before work: waited, waited, waited. finally asked the bartender if my meal was coming anytime soon because it had been 30 minutes. blank look of horror on her face because she had forgotten to order it. i was one of maybe 4 people at the bar. left without ever eating because time was up.

              this would have been my last trip, but i was coerced a few more times, and so...

              brunch with friends. took a very long time for the server to take our order and we ordered a bottle of wine at the same time. food came. we finished our plates. manager came over to say they were out of what we ordered for wine. server never inquired if we wanted something else or indicated there was an 86 issue. we had ordered an $80 bottle. idiot. check please.

              final straw was a lunch with wine reps. 4 top. 2 of us got entirely the wrong food. not at all what we ordered.

              the service is abominable.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                yikers; that sounds worse than even i could have imagined.And the manager >appalling. i wonder if dinners reflect that wretchedness as well. over the yrs we've only been for dinner, but i think it's been a yr since we were last there. (my recent report on dreadful service at Stella's brunch- had a poster responding that their dinners there had never had a service problem.)

        1. WOW thank you everyone! I'll look into these! Keep 'em coming!!

          1. Mistral offers one of my favorite brunches anywhere.

            1. We wound up going to Stephanie’s on Newbury, a favorite spot of my cousin’s, for a fabulous brunch! I have a laundry list of food allergies and the waitress, who came back 4 times with questions from the kitchen, was wonderful. I wound up with an egg white omelet with fresh spinach and tomatoes and a mixed green salad with avocado slices and balsamic. Also a glass of oj squeezed right at the bar while we waited. My cousin had a stack of blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and coffee, all of which she declared delicious! Excellent service and delicious food! Highly recommend!!