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heading to Bobette and Belle today...

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To pick up cupcakes for my birthday. What are everyone's favorites, I'm not a fan of their red velvet (I just want plain cream cheese frosting on those) but love proper butter cream otherwise! What should I get?

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  1. i would pick up a slice of one of their cakes. their cupcakes are fine, but their cakes are really great.

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    1. re: autopi

      Oooh that could be good, thanks for the tip!

    2. On the cupcakes thread I believe there is a comment that some of their cupcakes now use "American" icing, so perhaps ask them about that since you prefer Euro :)

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      1. re: julesrules

        Thanks! That's a great tip, maybe they use American style cream cheese icing for their red velvet now, which would make them much yummier to me!! That is however the only time I like american style :)

        1. re: julesrules

          Picked up some of these on the weekend for the first time - the lemon is definitely American buttercream...

          1. re: Truffles

            Nuts, I guess I'll have to make lemon ones myself. But not today!

        2. Vanilla Bean Cupcake
          Cookies and Cream Cupcake

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          1. re: kwass

            Kwass, the vanilla bean cupcake is now American style frosting. Have to find myself a new favourite!

            1. re: Full tummy

              You're kidding? Why would they mess with a good thing? It makes no sense @ all!!

              1. re: kwass

                I know! So disappointed!! Now if you want the vanilla with Real buttercream, you need to order them and the minimum special order is something like three dozen. I posted this on the other thread.

                1. re: Full tummy

                  I was wondering how they were going to keep up with the swiss buttercream at their prices. It's pretty labour intensive and most pastry chefs hate making it. I guess supply couldn't keep up with demand. Sad.

                  1. re: LexiFirefly

                    So you think it was just too expensive to make cupcakes with swiss buttercream?

                    1. re: kwass

                      I think the staff cost probably got to be too much. You can't hire someone with the knowledge to do that well for cheap. Training someone would also be very expensive in waste. So my guess would be they have just the owners making the swiss now. Just an educated guess based on friends (and experiences) in the baking world.

                      1. re: LexiFirefly

                        Really is a shame!!

                        1. re: LexiFirefly

                          To be absolutely clear, they have more flavours now, most of which still have the buttercream. Just a few frosting options, I was told, to satisfy those who like this kind of frosting. So, if you like proper buttercream B and B are still doing it.

                      2. re: LexiFirefly

                        What they told me is they have more kinds of cupcakes now, but only a small number of them have the frosting. It just so happens that my favourite vanilla was one that now has the frosting instead of the buttercream.

                        1. re: Full tummy

                          I have, or I should say had, now that they've made the change, 2 favourites: vanilla and cookies and cream. But if they've changed their frosting, I won't be going back. Such a shame!

                          1. re: kwass

                            The cookies and cream cupcake may be the same as before. Only a few cupcakes have changed, one of which is the vanilla.

                      3. re: Full tummy

                        That's ridiculous! Who ever orders 3 dozen cupcakes?

                        1. re: kwass

                          They do a lot of custom/special events.

                2. +1 on the cake - carrot cake.

                  1. So I got salted caramel (swiss buttercream,) chocolate fudge (ganache,) and raspberries and cream (American) 2 of each and A selection that should please all, including the 4 year old! Also after every other restaurant on the strip being closed QMP was open. Happy birthday to me!!!

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                    1. re: LexiFirefly

                      Yay! Let us know how you like the cupcakes!

                      1. re: Full tummy

                        They were great! And the raspberry was swiss not american so even better! Salted caramel was perfect, we haven't tried the chocolate ones yet so I'll report back tomorrow.

                        1. re: LexiFirefly

                          Their salted caramel is my favourite :)