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Mar 7, 2013 01:10 AM

Trying to Find Mexican Restaurants that Sell Meat Trays

I know that I can get meat trays like chile colorado, chile verde and steak picado from El Tepayac. I know that Chili Verde (the chain) also sells meat trays. Where else on the Westside (West LA, Mar Vista, Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Westwood, Westchester, Playa del Rey, etc.) can I find a Mexican place that sells such meat trays? I am not looking for the "dry" taco meats like carnitas or carne asada but the "wetter" meat trays like chile colorado/verde and steak picado. And I just want the tray of meat - no rice/beans/tortillas/chips/salsa/etc included. Said tray is for a small party.

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  1. I'm sure if you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant, they would be more than happy to sell any amount to you.

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        Any Vallarta would have a variety of options. Check the flyer here: Things like the bistec ranchero, carne en salsa, birria, and costillas de puerco are available by the pound from steam trays, so they could certainly do them in trays for a party.

      2. How about Gilbert's El Indio in Santa Monica?

        1. Try top-valu market on inglewood. They have what you seek

          1. I went to Top Valu and the lady wasn't very helpful because I don't speak Spanish. She ultimately said there wasn't a discount for larger plates (versus smaller plates).

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              I've tried Top Valu's prepared foods from the steam trays and found them far too salty and not very appealing at all. I think you unknowingly dodged a bullet on this one.

              You might check out Tacomiendo. Catering is a regular part of their business.