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Mar 6, 2013 10:38 PM

Visiting Turin on April 12-15, 2013

Seeking advice on restaurants to eat while in the city. The tourism site of Turin is great, but I'm hoping to get specific restaurants for a great meal. My wife and I are traveling with our 10 month old boy so lunchtime is our best bet to seek out great Piedmont cuisine/slow movement cooking. Depending on the energy state of our child, maybe we'll get lucky for an early dinner before 7pm if some places serves that early. We rented an apartment so will probably cook some meals as well. Thank you very much!

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  1. It's not going to be possible for you to eat dinner as early as 7pm, but Torino prides itself on its lively apertivo hour, from 6-8pm, where historic bars and cafes are groaning with spreads of all kinds of snacks and nibbles (most of them free for the price of a cocktail or glass of wine). You should try some google searches for "best apertivo bars in Turin" and see what is convenient to your apartment.

    Also, it is worth googling up information on Torino's best cheesemongers and fresh pasta shops. Both can yield extremely high quality finds. You can also shop at the open-air Porto Palazzo market, but even ordinary fruit and vegetable sellers in Torino often have outstanding products (especially keep your eye out for asparagus in April), and you can often eat better at "home" in Torino with simple dinners of store-bought goodies than if you eat out in restaurants.

    If you are planning more than a few days in Italy, it can be worth heading into the bookstore in the Piazza Castello (Librerie. Co-op) and getting a copy of the current edition of the Osterie d'Italia. It's in Italian, but it is quite easy to decipher, and it will locate for you Slow Food eateries throughout Italy with the added bonus of telling you whether they are open for lunch and whether they take credit cards.

    1. PS: I'm guessing that this is the city guide that you have, but if you don't, I want to make sure you do


      1. Thank you for the website barberinibee.

        1. Since it may be hard for you to go out to dinner, I'm first going to include a few stops that are more 'snacks':

          Bicerin: the classic tiny coffee shop where you can enjoy the famous coffee and chocolate drink

          Piu di un Gelato: Fabulous new gelateria. You'll want to go here several times.

          My favorite in Torino is Consorzio. Very much focussed on Slow Food ingredients. They are open for lunch during the week, so you should be ok.

          Porto di Savona: Very old fashioned place, with classic Torinese specialities. No problem at all heading here for lunch with a 10 month old.

          Scannabue: fabulous dishes based on Torinese classics, but usually with creative twists. They are open Saturday and Sunday for lunch.