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Mar 6, 2013 10:19 PM

Chinese Roast Pork

Recent thread about Chinatown had a mention of roast pork and I've been craving some, so thought I'd ask about where people go for their favorite source. i have often gotten very good pork from the small stand in O'ahu Market at the Ewa end right on King St.

I also like the roast pork from the Manapua Factory in Manoa Marketplace, but they surely get it from somewhere else as it is already in a bento box, not cut to order.

Not a big fan of the plate lunch place at Market City, although it is within walking distance, but I want to hear what chowhounds think is the best.

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  1. pork with the crispy skin and fat layer?

    we like nice day by times liliha, but i know some hounds disagree.

    i haven't had it at many other places. in general i don't like how chinese chefs prepare chicken and duck - little cubes or rectangles with bones in each piece.

    but it is tasty.

    the chinese restaurant in market city is terrible in general and with the pork. it's in the corner next to fun factory.

      1. My go to place when I'm there every Christmas is in the food court at Ala Moana-I think it's called Chinatown Express where ther also sell dim sum etc. Used to be the former Patty's Kitchen.Ask for the fresh hot mustard (not just shoyu/mustard mix) so you can dip da bugga in-soooo ono you know. I'm writing this as I'm sitting at my desk watching the snow fall here in NYC.

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          canal st chinatown!

          i'm sure you can find roast pork in nyc that's better than ala moana's food court!!!!!!!!!!

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            No!!! Chinese food including char siu is da bomb in Hawaii!!! No one does Chinese food like Hawaii. And trust me-I am a hugeeeeeeee foodies and have eaten all over the USA.

        2. roast pork or char siu (the red one)?

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            I prefer the roast pork to the char siu, although the red one is nice in fried rice.

            As a side note, the very best I ever had was in a fancy restaurant in Singapore, I think it was called Crystal Jade, in one of those endless malls on Orchard Road. It was an offering with a mainly dim sum luncheon, and was just a simple small plate of 9 perfect cubes, each about 3/4 of an inch square, with crispy skin, juicy fat, and succulent meat. Don't expect to find anything to compare here, but tasty local style will make me happy.

          2. Are you talking about Chun's? They are a couple of stalls ewa of Fong's. My recommendation would be Fong's. I pick it up from either Fong's or Nam Fong if Fong's has run out for the day. If i'm lazy, then either Nice Day or Alicia's will do depending on where I am at the time, since parking is more convenient than in Chinatown. My uncle sometimes picks it up from Chinatown Express if he is walking around Ala Moana shopping center. I guess i'm not that picky about roast pork, but if I had my choice it would be Fong's.

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              Will have to make it a point to check names of these places...I go back to places I've liked without making note of the names. Sounds like Fong's is one I should try. Thanks!