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Mar 6, 2013 06:28 PM

Advice about Charlotte

On April 1 I'm taking my husband to Charlotte for a concert - he knows we are going there but doesn't know why. We have tickets to Belt Theatre @ Blumenthal for 7:30 pm. We will get there early afternoon - go to Farmers Market (off 77 near Tyvola) load up on Asian produce, drive around - go to an early dinner. I have been warned about driving near Blumenthal for an event - especially for someone who doesn't know that part of town at all.

So - My plan is to eat somewhere ethnic along South Blvd, park the car at one of the stops along South Blvd and ride to CTC and back afterwards. Sound OK? Safe to park? Tyvola? Woodlawn? Scaleybark?

I'd appreciate suggestions/warnings from Chowhounds about great places to eat in that area - tickets were expensive so I'm looking for cheaper/affordable ($40 or less for 2). Love all southasian/indian/
latin american/ food - or russia or german or irish. Just no chains or mediocre 'bistro' stuff. and normally prefer small scale over white table cloth. Doan's Viet? Che Gaucho on Old Pineville??

I figure eating and relaxing about 5 - ride to theatre - have a beer near-by, suggestions and then be very very happy: Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell and (still can't believe it) Richard Thmpson. Its my V-day present to mi esposa of 35+ years.

can y'all help with the details? many thanks

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  1. I jus saw Fela! the other day and dined at Lulu beforehand. The mussells and the burger are my favorites. I got the $5 parking when i bought my tix and it was painless to park and walk the two blocks to the theater. I've also been to Pho Hoa. Soulless impersonal room but friendly service and decent pho

    1. Hi Kariin,

      Parking and driving through downtown (uptown) Charlotte isn't scary - it's so small and accessible in comparison to most big cities - don't be scared.

      South Blvd recs:

      -Vietnam Grille, 5615 South Blvd
      -Saigon Palace, 5215 South Blvd
      -Greek Isles, 200 E. Bland St.,

      For beers before or after I would suggest:

      -Connolly's on Fifth, 115 E. 5th St (across the street from your venue. It's a nice, dark irish pub.

      -Ri Ra, 208 N. Tryon (just around the corner from venue). A larger Irish Pub, with a good pub menu too.

      Enjoy your show and your visit!

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        I agree with LL. Park at the Fifth Third Bank building parking deck on 6th right off Tryon (main street). It's right across the street from Discovery Place. When you walk out of the front of the building, the theater is right across the street.

        Vietnam Grill, Doan's and Saigon Place are all Vietnamese restaurants on South Blvd. and I love them all. Closer to uptown is Monsoon on South too, but Thai. Very good. All are good values.

        Around the corner from the parking deck is Dandelion Market on 5th Street. Same owners as Connolly's but a nicer atmosphere.


      2. You will have to skip the farmer's market. April 1 falls on a Monday and the market will be closed. Instead, perhaps you can shop at one of the ethnic markets on the east side of town. Super G has a good selection of Asian produce

        Two ethnic spots on Elizabeth Avenue are worth checking out: Cuisine Malaya and The Red Sea Ethiopian. Elizabeth becomes Trade Street and it's a straight show into town - maybe a mile. You could then park in the Epi-Center or, if you are up for it, rent a bike through Charlotte bike share and peddle your way!

        1. My favorite restaurant on South Blvd is Doan's Vietnamese, any stop is fine for riding the light rail, I guess stay on the stop that is closest to your hotel.. They are all relatively safe.

          If you have a GPS and have the time, I would go to Super G on Independence for produce! It's an international market. There is a little bun shop in Super G called Honey Buns, I would get a pork bun snack too!! And there is a Vietnamese restaurant in the same shopping center, they have bbq beef fresh summer rolls, I cannot drive by there and not get those rolls!!!!

          Another fun thing on the way, at the East/West Blvd stop on the lightrail -there is a small retail store for beer and wine. Great local place, if the weather is nice you can sit outside. Common Market Southend.

          I'm posting pictures of Doan's! My favorite menu item at Doan's is the yellow pancake, it's an entree, but I order if for an appetizer.. They also have delicious limeade and avocado smoothies..

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            FYI Common Market SouthEnd is at the Bland Street stop.