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Mar 6, 2013 06:23 PM

Cedar Street Grill, Dobbs Ferry

Going there with a group this weekend. Haven't seen the place mentioned on CH.

Any particular recommendations? Food? Specialty cocktails?

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  1. Had the brisket a couple of times. Very nice...

    1. The shrimp and grits were nice, but I had them over a year ago.

      1. We had a really good experience at Cedar Street Grill. We were a group of 12, and although we drifted in separately (for a 6:30 p.m. reservation on a Saturday--earliest people got there on time) at a very busy time, the restaurant was really gracious about seating us promptly and serially.

        Service was attentive without being stifling. Drink orders were taken promptly, and we enjoyed the bread and rolls that came with a lovely herb butter. We also shared several appetizers that were big hits: brussels sprouts (delicious with maple syrup, almonds, and bacon) and fried pickles.

        Some people put together a meal of small plates such as shrimp and grits with a roasted beet salad, and others of us had entrees. Among the ones I saw were fried chicken with cheese grits and mustard greens, brisket, ribs, a burger, and the salmon. Those who didn't finish asked to take their leftovers home, a good sign!

        One bit of warning: this is a busy and popular place, with a tough noise level. You'd be able to hear a small group of dinner companions, but we definitely had several separate conversations with our group of 12 partly because we couldn't hear people sitting more than two people away.

        That said, I'd go back to this place again without hesitation. It held the perfect combination of relaxation and comfort along with a festive air.

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          Nice review. It looks like a cute place. We had the same noise complaint about Harper's in Dobbs too. It was deafening and though that wasn't the worst part of our meal it certainly didn't help.