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Mar 6, 2013 06:17 PM

Milagro Redux

I went to Milagro (Queen W) tonight. My second time there and have been to the Mercer St one. Was not a stellar experience. I've had great Mexican food, having lived in LA for a while, returning there often, so I do have a good sense of the cuisine. Tonight was iffy.

Pluses and Minuses:
Reservation - I asked for a different table and was told the one I pointed to was reserved. In my opinion, I was there first and should have had my pick. Never mind
Too dark - I couldn't read the menu and I saw others using their cell phones to read them too, I couldn't see the food, or the bill or the machine they brought me to pay later either
Music too loud - Not easy to talk and the music was monotonous and relentless
No alcohol? - My son ordered a rum and Coke which arrived without alcohol. Since my Mojito was pretty weak we thought 'oh well' until the waiter hurried over with a measure of rum he said had been forgotten
Washroom stairs - oh so dark I was afraid to go down. Accident waiting to happen! Mildewy smelling too
Guacamole - OK but not quite ripe enough - a frequent Toronto mistake - and although I don't use ever use much salt, it could have used a bit more. The chips were a bit heavy/tough and over-fried, not the light pleasant Cali experience
Chicken mole - my son's came garnished with some very mild green chilies. We are both allergic to sweet peppers but have no problem with hot ones. These were mild enough to cause him to spit them out
Mole poblano with enchiladas - not bad. Waiter asked me if I've ever had mole before. I didn't like to say that mole wasn't just one thing. Best to just nod and say yes, I think. But someone in a Mexican restaurant should be a bit better informed...I'm being picky. I brought two of the enchiladas home. No need for three. I wish I could buy just one and perhaps a second different thing with it but Milagro doesn't do combos

Don't think I will bother again. It's OK but not OK enough, not for those prices - $70 for a half guac, two mains and two 'cheap' cocktails

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      1. re: hungryabbey

        I vote "meh" ... I went once and didn't bother giving them a second chance. Meh :)

    1. It's funny. I had friends from SF (I know, of all places...) who asked to go Milagro because they saw a youtube video from them doing a ceviche. We ended up having brunch there.

      This was in 2011, and to this day, they talk about the 'yeasty beans and broken eggs" on the huevo rancheros at cocktail parties.

      I had gone back once and enjoyed some guac and beer, but it surprises me they still have a steady flow of customers (Queen W location) every time I walk by.

      1. I've been to the Mercer location 3 times and can confidently say I will never, ever go back. Not because I've ever had a terrible experience but because I always find the food, service and drinks SO sub-par and SO overpriced that it's just pointless.

        1. Both locations are way overpriced. Really fantastic Mexican food in the US is dirt cheap. I get that food prices and rent are higher here but this place is ridiculous.

          If the quality was up to par it would be fine, but it's not.

          Had a decent but expensive dinner there. It's better suited for apps and drinks before heading somewhere else.

          1. Agree with others, pretty Meh/leaning towards bad especially for the price.

            Funny thing is that they were are TUM yesterday. I thought that TUM was for startups/places wanting to be restaurants/food trucks/etc. Maybe Milagro is going to go back to basics...

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              1. re: trane

                A lamb taco and a pork carnitas. The lamb was really not great, the pork was fine