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Mar 6, 2013 06:16 PM

Graces Bakery in Gardena / Monterey Park

I remember back around the 1970's that this bakery had a small
chain of stores. I beleive that the baker was Japanese American
and had won a few awards.I really liked the banana cream pie that
was made there However I think that they are no longer in business.
Does anyone know of any similar pies or better yet have the recipe?

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  1. It was actually called Grace's Pastries. The owner is long retired, but one of his daughters has a cooking blog. She broke down one of his original recipes (not the banana cream pie), because it was for a bunch of tea cakes at once. Maybe you can contact the daughter and ask, but it sounds like having to try and make a manageable recipe and testing it is pretty time consuming. Here's the blog with a manageable version of his tea cake recipe.
    The old store on Jefferson still has the sign up, but last I heard someone was using the building and making high-end chocolates.