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Mar 6, 2013 04:12 PM

Cleaning Restrictions on Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachments

I am considering buying some Kitchen Aid pasta attachments but I'm worried by what seems to the restriction that you cannot clean them with soap and water (the dishwasher is obviously out).

Is this true?

Given that eggs potentially contain salmonella, is this safe and sanitary?

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  1. in the many years I've had the KA Pasta Attachments and the many years before I've had the Atlas, there has never been a problem. The pasta dough dries up and flakes completely off. I do know if you do get water into the mechanics of the devices they will start to rust and you will have problems with them in short order.

    1. While salmonella can survive on stainless steel surfaces, as long as the surface is free of food contaminants, salmonella will not thrive or multiply as they are in a starvation state (their concentrations will go down over time).

      If your immune system could handle the potential salmonella levels that came directly from the eggs, it will not face any levels higher than that even if you don't wash it with soap and water.

      For the price of the Kitchen Aid pasta attachments, many people prefer Atlas or Imperia pasta makers, regardless of how the Kitchen Aid attachments may or may not be cleaned.

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        FYI: It's my recollection that the KA Attachments are made by Atlas.

      2. I've used my KA attachments for years, and make pasta a number of times a week. As Mattapoisett says, the dough dries up quickly and falls off. When I finish using the attachments for the day, I give them a good brushing over with a pastry brush, then pop them into a drawer. I have never had a health or flavour problem.

        My first machine was a rolling pin, then an Atlas. Boy, oh, boy, when you're in a rush the KA makes pasta prep a pleasure instead of a sweaty workout, especially when you're making a lot.

        1. Unless you are planning to eat raw pasta, what is the problem? If you have a sous vide, you can pasteurize the eggs.