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Mar 6, 2013 04:09 PM

Southwest roadtrip with my mom

While my mom is driving to SF all the way from NYC, I am flying to Albuquerque to join her for the last 5 days of the trip... Our route will most likely be Santa Fe--Abiquiu--Monument Valley--Zion/Bryce--Las Vegas--Santa Barbara--San Francisco.

We may go Grand Canyon--Palm Springs instead, but it's all sort of up in the air until we get going... If anyone has any suggestions about where to stay and (more importantly) where to eat, that would be awesome!!

We're not so much interested in fancy as we are in good food and good vibes....

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  1. Welcome! Do a search for Santa Fe, there's tons of good info. In Abiquiu, both the Abiquiu Inn (table service) and Bode's (to-go sandwiches and burritos) are surprisingly good. In Espanola, between Santa Fe and Abiquiu, the Lovin' Oven makes pretty good apple fritters and doughnuts.

    1. For homey New Mexican food--
      In Albuquerque: Mary & Tito's, Duran's, Vic's Daily Cafe for breakfast (if you like huge, chile and potato-laden NM-style breakfasts), The Range (again for breakfast, but of a slightly more manageable variety).
      In Santa Fe: La Choza, Cafe Pasqual, the classic NM posole at La Plazuela.

      Non-NM food --
      In Albuquerque: Zacatecas Tequila and Taco Bar (not cheap, but not insanley expensive), La Crepe Michel (a homey little Old Town French restaurant with great, simple, authentically French-tasting food. Perfect for lunch), Slate Street Cafe (American with a little NM twist, good red chile and burgers).
      In Santa Fe: Jambo Cafe (pan-African/Caribbean, the curried goat is great), The Ranch House (very good steak and BBQ), Treehouse Bakery & Cafe (a sunny, clean place with super fresh food that is my Mom and my go-to lunch spot in Santa Fe, but the staff can be young and clueless and the cooking a little inconsistent, so it's important to look around at what others are eating and see what looks good before you order.)

      In both Albuquerque and Santa Fe there's a branch of the restaurant Vinaigrette that serves locally grown, creative salads. Tastes good -- depends on whether you think a really good salad is worth $15 - $18.

      In Taos: Orlando's, Dragonfly Cafe, Love Apple.

      I'm sure others will chime in with more recommendations.

      Hope you have a great time.