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Mar 6, 2013 03:51 PM

Vashon Island in August

Hey everybody,

Visiting VI in August, and wondering about the Island's food scene. La Boucherie, farm stands - what can you recommend?

I did a Greater Seattle search, and came up empty.

Thank you!

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  1. You might get in touch with Kurt Timmermeister, who makes 'Dinah's Cheese", and author of the wonderful book 'Growing a Farmer".

    By prior arrangement, you can arrange a farm tour and cheese tasting - well worth the time. He is a great guy.

    1. Bump.

      Fraser, did you discover any other VI spots? The Seattle board is still empty.

      We're hoping to meet Tacoma friends in the middle for dinner.

      La Boucherie has a special event at $195 a pop and The Hardware Store looks OK, but I'd love to hear some other recs.


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      1. re: mcmullek

        Vashon is surprisingly weak for food.
        Hardware Store is fine, but nothing all that special.
        May, the Thai place across the street (which I think is related to May in Wallingford) is definitely the best restaurant on the island.
        Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie and the other stores in that building are pretty nice as well.
        I hear Le Boucherie is nice, but not all that much to get excited about (especially considering the prices...)

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          There's a new place to stay there, and they list the nearby restaurants: