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Mar 6, 2013 03:34 PM

Best Baltimore Pit Beef??

My friends and I are taking a trip to Baltimore this Friday (3/8/13), and we keep hearing about Pit Beef.... The one place that keeps coming up is Chaps, but I am sure that there are other places that the locals ( and true afficionados) go to. Any recommendations??? We are also doing crab cakes as well, Other than Faidley's who else serves the best crab cakes?

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  1. Pioneer in Catonsville and Canopy BBQ in Ellicott City are my favorite pit beef stops. For crab cakes, I like Gunnings in Hanover. For seafood in general, I like Ryleigh's Oyster Bar in Federal Hill and Thames Street Oyster House in Fells Point.

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    1. re: flavrmeistr

      Pioneer has been mentioned quite a bit to me, so I'm going to put that on the road trip agenda. Thanks for the info

      1. re: HungryBaby

        AT Pioneer..meidium rare, with juice(au jus?),horseradish,onions salt and pepper!!
        Tiger Sauce is a combo of mayo and horseradish..

      2. re: flavrmeistr

        Pioneer is good...but it is a food stand. No indoor seating....I like Chaps.....

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          Also Pioneer is cash only and 11 - 5 M-Sat only. I had a good, juicy sandwich there today. I think Beefalo has more "pit" taste, which is good, but Pioneer is less of a dive than Pasadena Beefalo location. I enjoy both places.

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            I have tried both Pioneer and Chaps and I have no preference either way both are good.

        2. Another vote for Pioneer in Catonsville. It is excellent. And don't forget to ask for the tiger sauce! Hope you enjoy Baltimore!

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          1. re: ineemeeny

            What exactly is tiger sauce? sounds spicy..

            1. re: HungryBaby

              Tiger Sauce is made by Tulkoff's a Baltimore company. Excellent on pit beef.

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                Horseradish and mayonnaise, basically.

            2. I have lived here for 6 years and never tried it and so am interested in the answers. A few weeks ago I almost ventured to Chaps but then read many reviews that it wasn't much special but would love to hear other opinions.

              1. Pioneer, no more than medium rare. it is just a shack underneath a highway overpass. No indoors, no seating.

                I am not a fan of Faidley's crabcakes.

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                  1. re: HungryBaby

                    I like Faidley's crabcakes but I can definitely see how the hype might exceed the reality.

                    My inlaws always insist we go to Pappas, on Taylor Ave in Northeast Baltimore, for crabcakes. The rest of the menu is nothing special, and the average age of the patrons is probably 75, but the crabcakes are very good.

                1. Charcoal Deli off York Road a bit north of Padonia.

                  Charcoal Griill, 8535 old Harford Road (near Perring Parkway Beltway exit, they also have good crab soup.)

                  Then there's Jake's on Falls Road,


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                  1. re: ConsApi

                    we usually hit Charcoal Grill, it's near my in-laws house. Always get an order of charred ends on the side.

                    1. re: Bob W

                      charred ends sounds ridiculously good. I guess I will have to add Charcoal Grill to the list of stops.