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Mar 6, 2013 02:55 PM

Sloppy's Burrito (Hillcrest)

Anyone been?

Just opened last week. Drove by today.

And (yes, this is for your Beach Chick!), they are staring a "Tofu Tuesday"!

Facebook page:

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  1. Well, at least its not in the same space as Freebirds.

    1. We went on Sunday, my fiance got a carne asada burrito with the jalapeno tortilla. I got the carne asada bowl. Overall, I thought it was okay. Service was a little slow, but I think they're just getting started. The meat was good, but a little cold. I liked that they included guacamole in the price, it was pretty good.

      The soda machine is neat. Parking in that lot was horrible, we lucked out by finding a spot.

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      1. re: californialoving

        Yeah, we were going to try it today but couldn't find parking.