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Looking for guanciale

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Anyone have a place they know that sells it? I thought I'd try Broder's, but if any grocery stores carry it, that'd be fine, too. Lund's, maybe?

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  1. Cossetta's or Buon Giorno.

    1. Surdyks usually has some.

      1. St. Paul Cheese Shop is a good bet -- I'd give them a call first if Grand & Snelling is a long trek for you.

        1. Buon Giorno usually has it(ask if you don't see it in the case) and Farm Direct Market at Heartland in St. Paul usually has it as well.

          1. Costco carries La Quercia...A steal for what they are selling it for

            1. I've bought it at Clancey's and the 44th and France cheese shop multiple times in the last year.

              1. I'm pretty sure Mississippi Market carries it. I know they carry two La Quercia products; I want to say the pancetta and the guanciale. A quick phone call would confirm. If you're on the other side of town, I'd try Lakewinds or Linden Hills.

                1. I was headed to Broder's anyway for fresh pasta, and they do, in fact, have guanciale as well. But it's great to see all these options listed for other occasions.