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Are there sandwiches that don't benefit from a sunny-side up (or over-easy) fried egg?

This is really a question for those that like fried eggs, and in particular fried eggs with runny yolks.

I think just about any sandwich out there can benefit from a sunny-side up egg -- be it a grilled veggie sandwich, a meat based one (like pastrami or roast beef and BBQ pulled pork), even seafood ones like a fish or an oyster Po'boy, or ethnic varieties like a Banh Mi.

There's just something special that words cannot do justice when that runny, custardy yolk bathes itself over the other sandwich fixins.

Maybe PB&J might be the exception, but I'd still give it a shot.

Your thoughts?

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  1. You beat me to it - PB&J...

    I'll add cream cheese and jelly and olive and cream cheese sandwiches!

    1. I thought of PBJ, but you said you'd give that a shot.

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      1. re: laliz

        I will, and I will report back.

      2. I LOVE fried eggs, but don't think I'd care for one on my seafood salad sandwich (w/mayo)....I'd like that to stay cool and have the only "warm" contrast the buttered, toasted roll.

        1. Agree that its great on any meat based sandwich… yum!


          PB & Banana

          Lobster salad roll

          Strange maybe but I can't see a fried egg on my egg salad on toast

          Meatn3- not a fan of the CC sandwich but with an egg? double yuck.

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          1. re: foodieX2

            I agree on the double yuck! I was adding to the list which don't benefit from an egg...perhaps we should make it a triple yuck.

          2. All of them.

            I can think of nothing more disgusting than a sunnyside up egg dripping down the rest of my food.

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            1. re: 512window

              Oh, I am with you! And I love fried eggs; love a creamy, liquid yolk for dipping - but in a sandwich? No. Even a breakfast sandwich is out for drippy yolks.

              1. re: Violatp

                Same here. Love a dippy egg, but never on a sandwich. Breakfast sandwiches at my house are made with an over hard egg.

            2. There won't be a fried egg option on the pimento cheese sandwiches at The Masters in Augusta any time soon.

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              1. re: Veggo

                Well, that's different, right?

                There's not having the option, and then there's "it's not good even with the option", no?

              2. I love drippy fried eggs but any sandwich I plan to eat at my desk at work will not include that ingredient. I do take breakfast sandwiches to work but I pierce the yolk when frying.

                I am intrigued by the idea of pimento cheese with a fried egg.

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                1. re: tcamp

                  "I am intrigued by the idea of pimento cheese with a fried egg."

                  It's very good. I have done that a coupla times.

                2. I never met a runny-yolk fried egg sandwich until I was in my twenties; every fried-egg sandwich I'd seen (and that was very many indeed) had its yolk broken and cooked to some degree of solidity. And then when I was visiting a couple I knew they offered me an egg sandwich, and were as surprised as I was because they'd never seen a non-runny fried egg sandwich …

                  No, I don't care for drippy sandwiches in general, and if they are I don't want it to be egg yolk. The deliciousness part I do get, though, so if I can have it served on something like a pasta plate, and go after it with knife and fork, I'd be happy to try. One of those burgers, a meat loaf sandwich, a chip butty (sandwich of French fries, yum!) or a Sloppy Joe. Since I eat Sloppy Joes with utensils anyway it's a great candidate, and egg would be a great improvement. I'm thinking that the best results would be gotten with a loose-textured filling, a hand-patted burger patty being about as tight as one would want.

                  1. Egg salad, grilled cheese, tuna salad? Yuck!

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                    1. re: pikawicca

                      Actually it's really good with grilled cheese!

                    2. Tuna salad? Hummus and raw vegetables? Chicken salad?

                      1. Tuna salad
                        Seafood salad

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                        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                          I bet liverwurst would be pretty gross with a fried egg on top. Well, at least the texture would be, hehe =)

                          1. re: WiscoKid

                            You read my mind, as I was about to type that, then held back. I love liverwurst. I love eggs. Maybe, just maybe I would try that. If I was pregnant.

                            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                              My favorite sandwich is liverwurst with sliced HB egg and a slice of Swiss. Mom fed me one when I was about nine and it's been the tops ever since. Runny egg? Mmmmm don't think so.

                            2. re: WiscoKid

                              I was also thinking liverwurst and chopped chicken liver.

                              1. re: WiscoKid

                                I'm lovin' the idea of a liverwurst sandwich with a fried egg on top. Then again, I'm pretty much with ipse on this one. Most sandwiches could benefit from a gooey fried egg on top.

                                1. re: WiscoKid

                                  I think that sounds delicious, actually.

                                  1. re: WiscoKid

                                    Hmmm... I'd say you probably need a medium or hard boiled egg to go on your liverwurst sandwich. It would be pretty texturally weird with a fried egg (but would probably taste pretty good).

                                2. Personally a fried egg on tuna or chicken salad wouldn't work for me but beyond that I can't think of one that wouldn't work with a fried egg.

                                  1. For me, no sandwich benefits from an over-easy egg, not even egg salad. Not one of them. But I guess that's not me.

                                    1. For me a smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese on a sandwich can be embelished and improved with many other ingredients....but personally I don't think I'd want it with a fried egg.

                                      1. This thread has led me to the realization that this weekend, I need to find time to make myself a fried mortadella sandwich, on a hard roll, with an egg on top. Maybe some thinly shaved onions and/or melted cheese?

                                        1. When i saw your post I thought well that's gotta be right what can't be improved by a runny yolk?

                                          Decided to test the theory by adding a fried egg to my cheese and mango chutney bagel. Unfortunately I have to report it does nothing for the sandwich. Obviously not a big enough sample so i'll keep on experimenting.

                                          1. I had a pineapple sandwich... wheat bread, Duke's mayonnaise, pineapple slices for lunch today. As I had just returned from the hen house, I thought of this thread. ~ Hmmmm a nice fresh yard egg, fried on my pineapple sandwich....Ahmmmmm No thank you. ;)

                                            1. I love runny yolks, and will happily mop them up with buttered bread all day long.

                                              I love scrambled-egg sandwiches.

                                              I love an egg broken in the middle of a pizza, or a poached egg broken over a salad that's been lightly dressed with vinaigrette (the yolk mixes with the vinaigrette to make the best. dressing. evar.)

                                              I don't dislike runny yolks on a sandwich, (and really like the flavors/textures) but they always seem to be more mess than they're worth.

                                              1. Sorry, but YES - there are far more sandwiches that I have the time to list here that definitely do NOT benefit from a runny fried egg on top.

                                                This takes personal preference to a new level.

                                                1. I too would try it on it PB and J. I think it is that good. There is a food truck here that makes a bulgogi burger with a fried egg on it. It makes me lie awake more excited than a kid in a Christmas movie.

                                                  The whole idea of putting fried eggs on stuff entered my food lexion by way of stacked blue corn enchiladas with Hatch chilies.