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Mar 6, 2013 02:17 PM

Lunch Spots for a Saturday?

We're staying the weekend in Montreal and have found and planned our dinners fairly easily, but it looks like all the usual suspects don't have lunch hours! Where should we head for a Saturday lunch? We're staying in Old MOntreal, but since it's dayside, we are willing to check out any neighborhood.

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  1. (I'm expanding the original question)

    I would suggest going up to Lemeac for either Brunch or Lunch and walk in the area down on Laurier to St-Laurent; there you can walk up a block to Fairmount Bagels or Boulangerie Guillaume for carbs.

    Or you could try the lineup for the brunch @ Lawrence (st-laurent blvd);

    Then walk off the calories by walking down St-Laurent blvd towards old-montreal.

    You could side-track to Mont-Royal and go east (not that close, but it's a nice walk) towards Point G or La Maison du Macaron for some Macarons.

    from there, you can taxi back to old-montreal, or walk back again towards st-denis st. and again walk down to old-montreal.

    1. @MelG12:

      my impression is that it will be easier to find brunch than lunch; but, then again, my favorite brunch places only serve brunch on Sundays.

      So, to stick with your lunch idea, you could try Brasserie T! at Place des Arts. (It may be worth checking with others what they think of the place; I only went there once, some time ago. I had an absolutely great time, and everything was truly great; but I heard different stories, so it may be a bit hit-or-miss.)

      Another idea is L'Express (3927 St. Denis); it is not wonderful, but it is pleasant enough, much better than much-talked Leméac, with a much better decor.

      This is what comes to mind now. It would perhaps be helpful to know what exactly you are (not) looking for; other suggestions might pop up.

      1. You are exactly right! Most places either only serve brunch on the weekend, or are simply closed!

        However, there are a few exceptions that are actually open for lunch hours, and that serve non-egg-based dishes:

        Blackstrap BBQ is a new place gathering tons of hype that serves Memphis-style BBQ in Verdun (not TOO far from Old Montreal). 1st pic below shows their pork sandwich.

        La Carreta serves Salvadorian food in Little Italy (a little further away for you). Their pupusas are excellent.

        Le Jardin de Panos is a rustic BYOW in the Plateau (not that far, and definitely an area worth exploring for out-of-towners).

        Satay Brothers is a local favorite that just opened, serving southeast Asian specialties in gentrifying Saint-Henri (also not far for you). 2nd pic below is their Laksa Lemak soup (best soup in town in our opinion).

        Finally, you can try any place in Chinatown. Our favorite is Fung Shing.

        1. might be too heavy and expensive for you but there is sugaring off meal taking place in old montreal sundays at lunchtime, you can check out menu here, sorry can t see the english version on their website. It is located just below main square.

          Jardin Nelson is always pleasant for lunch but still not spring weather for terrace to open up