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Mar 6, 2013 01:53 PM

Mystery dinner

OK.we are now empty-nesters. Every now and then something we make is "too much". The leftovers sneak their way into the freezer, forget to be marked and forgotten for a few months. mostly Stews and soups. They get pulled out and when we can determine what it is, it gets heated and served....usually along with bread and/or rice. Had some great surprises ( often beef stew) along with some duds. Soups seem to be ok and often we add a grilled cheese sandwich.

Someday, I'll find that dinosaur meat we packed up in 30,000 BC

anyone else this crazy?

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  1. I learned to always label my freezer items after I defrosted and dumped into a pot of vegetables what I thought was chicken stock. It was lemon sorbet. Dinner was sandwiches that night.

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    1. re: jammy

      well you might have been able to squeak out a lemon chicken dish!.LOL

    2. Me...Me!! I know I have a cooked pork steak that I'm saving for fried rice and some brunswick stew (I think) but I made a bunch of lemon ice cream some time ago and put them in individual containers so the bf pulled out a container and started eating it when he said there was something wrong with the texture of the ice cream and it melted slow.

      Come to find out it was buttercream frosting I forgot to label....I have to get better about this!

      1. We have strict labeling laws in our house. And a particular shelf in the freezer where they belong. Sometimes have to correct the hubby on both procedures ;-).

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        1. re: sandylc

          I find that it's been easier to remember to label things since I started using my wife's collection of refrigerator magnets to keep a couple of sheets of stick-on labels attached to the front of the fridge.

        2. Brwon gloop meals are commonplace in this house. Most times, we've labelled but not always. A sniff and a poke about when its defrosted usually gives a clue as to what's in it.

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          1. re: Harters

            I'm a labeler. Except when I'm not.

            This past Wednesday was a prime example...It was Prince Spaghetti Day and *five* of the small containers I pulled out of the freezer weren't meat sauce. They were chili, which I couldn't discover until they'd been semi-defrosted so I could see the beans. Finally, I just went for a larger container that *was* labeled "meat sauce". :-/

            1. re: LindaWhit

              Antoneeeeeee! You must be a New Englander! I remember those commercials growing up( "how do you KNOW the pilgrims had Turkey?")

              I've had the same thing happen, but just keep going and serve it non-challantly saying I was trying a new recipe

              1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                I'm a New Englander *now* but grew up in northern NJ - Prince Spaghetti was popular in the NYC area as well, so yes, I remember those commercials. :-)

                And the thing was - I *wanted* spaghetti and meat sauce - not chili! So I was determined to defrost the right container. :-)

          2. The little frozen container assumed to be enough condensed cream of mushroom soup to make gravy from the meatloaf drippings went into the pan undefrosted. It was KMR - kitten milk replacer. Fortunately the meatloaf wasn't in the pan and was eaten without the gravy which the pets happily slurped.

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