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Just one last donut thread.... (specific info requested)

There's a ton of good info in the other donut threads, but the information I'm looking for deals with the question: What are some of the better mom and pop donut shops? You know that kind I mean? Something reminiscent of a 1976 Mr. Donut (that kind of feel)...? These types of places are getting fewer and fewer, but if you know of any that still make their own donuts, please share what you know. Heck, even if you can't vouch for the quality of their donuts, if you know a spot like this from your past that happens to be still around, just name it and I'll check it out. Even if they just serve up a decent cup of coffee, name it.

Thank you

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  1. There is Donut Delight on Eglinton, at Bathurst.

    It's a real $hithole. Kind of place people sit and smoke in the sealed off smoker's room and play the slots.

    Donuts, last time I went a few years ago, were ok but not as good as the glory days, when the place was called Bentley's. By noon most of the donuts are gone and what's left never seems all that fresh. Back in the day, under Bentley's, they had a honey buttermilk cake donut that made me cry it was so good.

    But it does meet your description so perhaps check it out. Might luck out.

    1. Donut Factory. One Queen E. and Pape. Has requisite smoking room. Sells toiletries too.

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        Should note: only okay donuts. I *think* they are made on-site.

      2. Claudia's Donuts on Browns Line and QEW in Etobicoke.

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          I went last year.

          Personally, unless you live around there, I'd save yourself the trip. Really mediocre. At least that was my take.

          But yes, Claudia's is very much in that old school vein, for sure.

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            I've only been there a couple times. The last was 4-5 years ago and it was pretty decent, sad to hear the quality went down.

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              I've only been the once I must admit. About 3 years ago, on a Sunday morning. Truly nothing special. But hey, that's just me.

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                Confused by your message, did you go 3 years ago or last year? :)

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                  Why did I say last year? Was I thinking about something else?

                  In any case, sorry, it was about 3 years ago, yeah.

        2. Now I haven't been in a very long time, but I know its still around - Dip n' Sip on Kingston Road (in the beaches) makes their own donuts. Really 70's looking, with a big surface parking lot in front, smoking room. I remember their maple glazed being pretty good.

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            I wonder if this is in any way connected to the Dip n' Sip that used to be at Yonge south of York Mills, many years ago. They made wonderful donuts. Real old school. Could barely see the donuts through the smoke. It's a McDonald's now.

          2. Venezia's on Ossington. It's a Portugese Bakery but they sell awesome "old-style" "mom and pop" doughnuts. But you have to get there early, because they tend to be stale later on in the day.

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              Great recs! Keep 'em coming.... Hey, regarding the designated smoking rooms mentioned in a couple of the above posts, I was under the impression they were disallowed, even if establishment had one already onsite. No?

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                Oh, they're not used as a smoking room, but they still exist, since it's probably not worth the dollars to take down.

            2. Has anyone ordered a donut at the Pete's Donuts on Main Street in Shelburne, or the Pete's Donuts in Schomberg, recently? The Pete's Donuts in Shelburne looks reminiscent of a 1976 Mr. Donut.

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                No, but I've driven by many times. Curious.

              2. I just saw Galaxy Doughnuts for the first time on Dundas and Bathurst area. Just one review on Yelp but they said "better than expected". Missed if it was mentioned in the main thread, any comments?